The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


3. Oh God!

I got out of the bed and went downstairs to see if my mum already left for her work. My dad was gone to America for a business trip. I found a note in the kitchen.




I have already left for work. Breakfast is ready. 

Justin has to buy some bread before going to school. The money is in the dining table drawer

x Mum



I walked to my closet. I wanted to look good today. I wanted to make a good impression on the boys. 

I chose my One Direction T-shirt with my light blue shorts. I chose to wear my All Star sneakers. I don't know why but I had a good feeling about this day.


I was eating my breakfast when I got a text from Alexis



To Shannon

Gurl have you heard about the boyss?



To Alexis

No what Happened? :O



To Shannon

Wait, Chelsea is here I'll talk to you when we get to school




I took a glimpse at the clock

Oh God It was 8:45 I had to be in school in 15 minutes

I finished my breakfast and woke my brothers and sister up 

By the time I left it was 8:53







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