The Cinderella Story

Just a funny love story


10. Flashback

''Hey I am Cat'', she smiled.

''I am Simran, but friends call me Sim.''

''So I can call you Sim?''

''Erm.. sure why not?''

''I love your hair, It's so long and wavy.''

''Thank you, I love your T-shirt.''

''Oh, You like Justin Bieber?''

''Yeah, I like his songs and stuff''

''I am going to his concert next weekend, wanna come?''

''That sounds kind of weird, I mean You barely know me.''

''I know but you look cool.''

''Ok then, I would love to come.''

''Wanna meet my friends after the ride is over.''

''Yeah, sure'' 

''So who do you live with?''

''My mum, dad, and 8 year old brother. How about you?''

''Awww, a brother, I live with my boyfriend, My mum threw me out of the house when I was 16.''

''Why did you get thrown out?''

''Cause I had sex, for money.''


I felt uncomfortable but I couldn't go anywhere


When the ride was over, and I got off and was walking away when Cat shouted my name.


''Sim! Wait up... I thought you were coming to meet my friends.''

''Oh yeah, sure common lets go''



When we got to her friends I saw some leaning on the wall. SNIFFING COCAINE.

One of the girls looked as if she were only 10. I just stood there in shock wondering how I got myself into this kind of situation. My parents always told me to stay away from people like them.Yet there I was becoming friends with what looked to be the leader of their little gang.

"So,Sim. Want some coke?", Cat said to me. Her friends had already boxed me in by this time so I no where to run to. I figured if I wanted to look cool infront of them and not get bullied in the future then I had to do something.

I said yes.

It was the worst mistake of my life. I was high for God knows how long. I'm not sure if it was just hallucinations or for real but that day I lost my innocence. Yes, I lost my virginity at the age of 13.

After that day, me and Cat hated each other. I kept getting theatened by her, saying that she would tell my parents, the school. Post it on Facebook even, that I was a slut unless I did more. The crazy bitch even took a video and pictures. I've suffered from that secret ever since.






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