When Snowflakes fall..

Emily and Louis had been best friends for a long time but when something gets in the way they have to find their way around it. will Emily have the perfect valentine’s day? Will it be a happy ending?


1. Love


 Emily just laid in her bed thinking, The walls were so plan and boring she spent too much time in that room. She heard a knock at the door and to her surprise... it was the one person that always knew how to make her smile no matter how hard times are. “LOUIS!!!" She said getting excited "Hey babe how are you today?”," oh you know been better but its okay" she watched as he carefully sat on the end of her bed "so Emily do you know what tomorrow is?" "Umm.. I have no idea I don't even know what today is let alone tomorrow " " well it's valentine’s day" " ohh really wow " She said sarcastically rolling her eyes, He lightly punched her in the arm and laughed, Louis had been her best friend since primary and they had always stick together though thick or thin but the day they meet will be a funy day they both will never forget.


“Umm.. You’re eating a cookie like mine” the little 5 year old boy asked the girl that was sitting across from him during lunch time. “Well this is my cookie” The little girl snapped “I don’t want to steal your cookie I’m just saying it’s a nice cookie “”

“Why thank you but it’s still my cookie”

“I know I promise never to steal your cookie, well Hi I’m Louis”

“Hi Louis I’m Emily”


*Flashback ends*


“Babe what you thinking about?” Louis asked snapping Emily out of her thoughts “Just the first day we meet” “Now that was the best decision I had ever made “Louis said to Emily smiling as he slowly moved beside her rapping his arms around her protectively. “Do you know what Lou?” “What emz?” , "You never have ever stolen a cookie of me “they both laugh “well I do keep my promises” Emily rested her head on Louis shoulder still thinking”Lou..?” she asked again "yea?” he replied with his eyes closed “why did you take time of the tour to come spend time with me? There’s no point if I don’t have much...” but Louis interrupted her “shhhh no Emily don’t say it you can get though this I know you can you are a strong and brave person, I know you can get though this just like the first time and I’m here for you every step of the way, I love you Emily and always will you are such a special girl in my life, you beautiful and perfect in every way I just love seeing your smile I token time off work not just because of what’s going on but because of I missed you it’s hard not seen you every day and when I heard the news I just broke down in tears I need you in my life I can’t live without you so I’m here for you I’m here to see that gorgeous smile of yours and help you get though this, I believe you can” Emily had tears in her eyes no one had said anything so sweet to her before. Louis wiped her tears from her cheek and kissed the place where they just were “I’m taking you out tomorrow night for valentine’s day” “but Lou I can’t leave what about the...” “don’t worry it’s all sorted I sorted it out with them yesterday and they are fine with it as long as you dress warm” “aww thank you Louis it means a lot “”shhh its okay love now just get some rest” Emily smiled at him as she snuggled into his chest and the both fell asleep side by side.

*Next day*’

Emily woke up and her heart skipped a beat, Louis was no longer next to her. She sat up on the bed and let her eyes adjust to the bright light she looked beside her and there was a rose and a note sitting on top of the draws next her bed she picked up the rose and smelt it then opened the note it read..

*Morning Beautiful sorry I just needed to check in with the lads they need help with something I will pick you up later for our date and by the way happy valentine’s day I left you a rose because you are my special petal see you later                                                              

Love Lou xxo                                                                                                                                     

P.S will you be my valentine? *


Emily just laid back on her bed smiling holding the rose up to her chest smiling “if only this could last forever” she said to her self.


*Later that Day*


“You look stunning” Emily best friend Jess said walking into the room “really? I don’t feel it, I feel like an idiot wearing this beanie and bandana “Emily replies sitting on the bed “it looks beautiful on you trust me” Jess reply sitting down next to her “I agree” A voice said coming from the direction of the door “Louis” Emily said smiling “Hello my gorgeous girl” Louis said walking over to Emily and pulling her into a massive hug. But Louis pulled back and went to sit in the chair in the corner of the room Emily gave Louis a confused looked but watch as jess stood up and walked towards her she grabbed Emily hands and held them in hers “Now Emily I just need to say something I know we have had our differences and we may not have always see eye to eye but just know seriously you have changed my life you are not just my best friend you my sister and I love you with all my heart and no matter what I will never forget you, you are such a special person” Jess was just standing there bawling her eyes out it was so hard for her to say goodbye to her best friend she pulled Emily into a hug, Emily was still confused on what was going on but went with it anyway “I love you too Jess” was all Emily could reply before tears start falling down her eyes too. Jess pulled away smiled and started walking towards the door still with tears falling from her eyes “Goodbye Emily” was all she said and left the room Emily just keep her eyes on the door where Jess had just left. Louis walked over to Emily “Are you okay?’ he asked, she turned her attention from he door onto Louis “yuup”she says trying to smile , Louis knew she was lying but he just went along with it. “you ready to go?’ he asked, Emily smiled up at him “Ready as I will ever be” she said cheekily getting of the bed, Louis entwined his fingers with hers, and lead her towards the car.

 Emily stop just before his car “What’s wrong babe?” Louis asked concerned “just smelling the fresh air it feels good to see the sunlight and hear the birds chirping” Louis stood in front of her admiring her courage and bravely “I’m sorry Lou...” “No its fine take your time love” Emily token another deep breath in and out before carrying on towards the car. Louis walked around to the passage seat and opened it up for her, “why thank you Lou” She said laughing. Louis jumped into the driving seat and started pulling away from the one place he hated the most,. “So where are we going to Louis” Emily asked in curiosity “You will just have to wait and see”. “No please Lou come on please tell me don’t do this to me” Louis just laughed and carry on driving.

“Where here” Louis said smiling looking over to Emily, But Emily had fallen asleep with her head rested on her knees. Louis walked over to her side of the car and quietly undid her seat belt he didn’t want to wake her as she looked so peaceful, so he put one arm on her back and one arm under her legs and carried her out of the car bridle style. He looked at her as her eyes fluttered open “Well hello sleeping beauty “ Louis laugh placing her onto the blanket he had laid out for them earlier today  “Where are we Louis?” “In central London park” he says smiling. Emily looked around taking in her environment Louis had set up fairy lights all in the trees and the blanket was all laid out with lots of food there was flower petals all over the ground and jars all around the blankets with fireflies in them lighting up the park, it was beautiful “WOW LOU!!!! It looks amazing” “Why thank you I had the lads help me out” “is it time to eat I’m starving” “trust you to be thinking about your stomach you sound like Niall ““well I’m sorry I haven’t had a nice tasting meal in a while” Emily says looking at all the food laid out “Dig in” Louis said smiling at Emily.

After the wonderful dinner and they both have had as much as their stomach could handle , Louis leaned over and turned the CD player on “Would you care to dance?” Louis asked Emily , she giggled and grab his hand as he helped her up, the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz starts playing and Emily jumps for joy "omg Louis how did you know this is my all time favourite song” “ Of course I know I’ve have known you for how long now and it was our formal song..” Louis says steering at the ground “let’s just dance ay?” Emily says avoiding the awkward memory of the school formal, according to everyone you can’t go to a formal with a guy who is just your friend. Louis Grabs Emily’s hand and puts it on his shoulder and grabs Emily waist “Since when did you become professional dancer?” Emily asked laughing “Since always” Louis starts singing the song as he looks Emily eyes.

The song stops and Emily drops her hand from Louis shoulder “Emily I love you... not just a friend more than a friend I always have and always will you mean the world to me” Emily looks up and smiles “I love you to Louis” They both slowly lean closer towards each other  as finally their lips meet.

Louis pulls away and Emily gives him a worried look “you never answered my question will you be my valentine” “Of Course Lou “Emily says smiling she goes into kiss him again but something falls onto her nose she steps back and looks up to the sky “It’s snowing!!!!!”Louis yells in excitement as another snowflake falls onto her hands. Louis pulls Emily into a tight hug and says “This moment is just so perfect I wish it could last forever. “Me too” she replied as the snowflakes fall around them.


*Four Days later*

“I don’t know if I can do this?”Louis said to harry “you can we all believe in you we are here right beside you every step of the way no matter what” “Louis smiled knowing how lucky he was to have such awesome friends that were there for him. ‘Are you coming?” Harry asked as he slowly walked into the church. “I will be there soon I just need some time to myself” “okay mate” harry said patting him on the shoulder and walking inside. It had been four days since that perfect night with a perfect girl. That night Emily lost her battle to cancer, Louis knew it was that night she would be gone forever the doctor told him, he wanted to make it the specialist night without her knowing it would be her last night ever, she survived the first lot of cancer but this time it had token her life and there was nothing that Louis could do about it, he loved her with all her heart and she got token away from him, Louis wiped his tear and smiled everything was going to be okay. He walked inside the church and toke his place at the piano at the front of the church, with the rose he had given to the women he loved in his left shirt pocket  he sat down at the chair and began to play his beautiful voice echoed though the church

*Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life*

That valentine’s day Louis didn’t just lose his best friend he lost his soul mate. And every valentine from then on he would leave a rose by her tombstone and whisper “Emily will you be my valentine?”

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