They Don't Know About Us

Rachelle and Liam Payne were bestfriends since grade 1. They never left each others side. Now their 18 and Liam was put into a band called one direction. Liam also realizes how much he loves Rachelle. Will Rachelle love him as a friend or does she love him more than a friend?


3. Wake Up

Rachelle's P.O.V
There he is in a deep sleep. "Why did this have to happen to him. "I whispered. I grasped his fist tightly. "C'mon Liam wake up." He's been in a coma for 1 month. "Hey Rachelle so did he wake up yet." Zayn asked eating a fruit cup from the hospital. I shuck my head. Then all the boys came in and brought my other 5 bestfriends. Roni, Jeannine, Alex, Christina and Jaelyn. They all waved hello to me then they pointed beside me. "No he didn't wake up." Pretty much all of us were sad. Harry gave Danielle heck on the phone yesterday when she called to say sorry for the 100th time. All the sudden something in my hand moved. I looked at Liam and one of his eyes were opened. I jumped up and hugged him.
Liam's P.O.V
The first thing I saw my bestfriends infront of me. Then Rachelle hugged me. I smiled like an idiot and hugged her back. Ever since grade 5 I've had a HUGE crush on her and the boys know that. "Where am I ?" I asked them I was in a white room and I mean really white room. "Your in the hospital mate." Niall explained everything that up till now. "Oh. Now I remember everything. "I said looking out the frosty window.
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