They Don't Know About Us

Rachelle and Liam Payne were bestfriends since grade 1. They never left each others side. Now their 18 and Liam was put into a band called one direction. Liam also realizes how much he loves Rachelle. Will Rachelle love him as a friend or does she love him more than a friend?


2. Oh No

Rachelle's POV
Almost 2 hours ago I got phone call from Liam. He was crying and I knew what happened already because its all on twitter. Danielle cheated on him with my sisters friend Tristen. I decided to go to his house and cheer him up. As I walked to the door the boys parked in the driveway. "Did you guys hear what happened with Danielle and Liam?" I asked them. "No. Why what happened?" Harry asked concerned. "Well did you check twitter." I said while the boys took out their phones. "Ohhh." They all said in unison. Louis went to unlock the door. "Liam where are you?" Niall yelled. No answer the whole house was silent. "I'll check upstairs can one of you come with me. "I'll go with you." Zayn said while putting his hand up. I ran up the stairs then i heard sobbing coming from Liam's room. "Guys he's in here!" I yelled to everyone. He was sitting on his bed. "Liam are you ok?" I asked him softly. Then I saw it in his hand was a razor a bloody razor. "Guys come here quick!" I yelled. I was really worried now. "Oh my god. Liam why would you do that?" Louis asked. .He didnt answer he just started crying. Niall dialled 911 as fast as possible. "They said to put pressure on the cuts." He said. All of the sudden Liam collasped onto the floor. Then we heard the doorbell ring we opened it and parametics ran in with a stretcher. Zayn led them to Liams room. "Only 1 of you guys can come with him." One of the parametics said. "Rachelle can go." Louis said. I got into the ambulance. Then we left on our way.
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