They Don't Know About Us

Rachelle and Liam Payne were bestfriends since grade 1. They never left each others side. Now their 18 and Liam was put into a band called one direction. Liam also realizes how much he loves Rachelle. Will Rachelle love him as a friend or does she love him more than a friend?


1. Phone Call

Liam's POV
"What! We're leaving tomorrow just so you can see a stupid concert!" I yelled at Louis. "Hey if you were the one going to The Frays concert I'm sure that you'll make all of us leave tomorrow. " Louis replied alittle annoyed. I just stood there staring at him until I got an idea. "Why don't you and the guys go to the concert while I stay here and I'll meet you guys in 2 weeks." I stated and the boys smiled. "Ok so now can we go to Nandos?" Niall whined. "Sure you guys can go but now I have to call Danielle and reschedule our plans." I sighed. "You sure don't wanna come?" Zayn asked. I nodded and picked up the phone. "Bye!" I yelled while the door shut. I dialled Danielle's number. "Hello." She said in the phone sounding sad. "Hey Dani what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing I don't wanna talk about it." She said. "No I wanna know Danielle." I said concerned. "Fine. I don't think that we should be together." She cried. "Why?" I asked breaking inside. "Because I cheated on you with a guy named Tristan." She said without a pause. I just say there shocked at the last few words I just heard. Hello is all I heard in the phone I looked at it and hung up on her. I started to cry.
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