Why is it always me?

Why do people always see the goodys side of the story? I mean evil vilians are only evil because they have to be! well here i am telling my story about me the most evil villian ever lived!!!!!! muhahahahaaaa! just put in for good measure




My secret hide out is... actually I'd better not tell you. It's kind of the point of a secret hide out. well everybody fears NUKECIDE THE DESTUCTOR MUHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough* sorry shouldn't do that. So i kind of need a secret a secret hide out since i killed lumen glow. As people like Cobolt Fish (he has such a stupid name! He sounds like an evil fish! Which he is , he has fish lips!) and Featherd Wings (oh my god she is HOT! If only she was on my side. I'll do my best to charm her with my...erm...charm...ing yeah charming skills next time I see her!) try to kill me all the time. I mean Lumen basically jumped in front of my gun and then threw himself onto the floor when I lowerd my knife into his chest where heart just happened to be. Honest! And he was very...(um)...ill (yeah that's it) when he was fighting me! He was basically dead anyway. I did him a favor killing him, he was in sooo much pain (yeah when I stabbed him that is XP).

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