My Superman

Lacy gets in a car crash and loses her memory and her family. She has no Idea her age, name or grade. What happens when she moves in next to One Direction


2. Sally


I steadily grew better and the doctor said I would be able to leave soon. I still didn't know my name, but the doctor said I  was about 18 or 19. A few more days later a lady named Sally came. She said that I would be staying with her. we got to know each other and she seemed rather nice.  

 The second day she came she we decided on my new name. We went with Lacy, as i thought it to very pretty.     

Eventually i got to leave with Sally. Before going home, we went shopping. I got two pairs of skinny jeans, some tee shirts, undershirts, etc. After that, we finally went to my new home.         

The whole house had an artistic vibe, with pictures on every wall, bright furniture, bookshelves brimming with books and balled up pieces of paper littering the floor.     "Your room is upstairs on the second floor, first door on the right." She told me. I climbed the tall steps and entered my new room near the front of the house. The walls were unpainted and bare, the closet empty, the bed didn't have any blankets or sheets.  "I wasn't sure what colors you liked, so i waited 'til i could ask you" I jumped, not hearing approach "Okay. can we get paint now? I asked?" "You're a real eager beaver, but you've had a big day and its nearly suppertime." she answered.

For the rest of the night, we watched a Harry Potter movies. I will admit, they were exciting. She lent me the whole series, seven books!

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