My Superman

Lacy gets in a car crash and loses her memory and her family. She has no Idea her age, name or grade. What happens when she moves in next to One Direction


4. Paint

Sally walked down, greeting the boys. "Oh, hello boys, we were just painting Lace's room." "Would you like some help? Louis quickly offered. "I'd love it. In fact, if you get started on that, I can make some lunch. How does pizza sound?" I could see...Neil, was it? pump his fist.  They changed into some old clothes and I showed them my room, picking up where Sally and I had left off. We didn't get far before I felt something cold and wet on my neck. It was paint. I turned to see Louis, looking embarrassed, saying "That was meant for Niall, Sorry." I wiped the paint off my neck, "Its okay, I walked towards him to give him a hug. He didn't notice that my hand was a pale blue. I smeared it off on his hair and ran back to my can of paint. Next thing I knew, we were in an all out paint war. Sally walked in, just as Liam flicked paint where Harry had been standing by the door. It wound up hitting Sally in the face. We all were silent until Harry started laughing. Eventually, even Liam joined in.  "I was going to say lunch was ready, but you might want to wash up first." The boys went downstairs to wash up and I just pulled a comb through my hair and washed my face.

I walked downstairs to see the boy I now recognized as Niall pigging out on pizza. I snagged a few pieces as Louis and Harry traipsed up from the basement, arguing about something, but the stopped when they saw me. 

"Got any carrots?" Louis asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Not sure, check the fridge."

Zayn and Liam came up and we ate fairly quickly and returned to my room. The walls looked really cool, with one solid wall of light blue, and all the other walls white splashed with blue. It gave me and idea...

I dipped my hand into the paint and started flicking it at the walls. This was fun! Liam turned on the radio the we had placed in the hallway for music, and we all rocked out, listening to some band called One Direction. They were pretty good. After about half and hour, we were done, and the walls looked awesome. It was just in time too, as Harry got a call, and the boys had to go somewhere. They went home, covered in paint, it was a rather funny sight.

Sally walked in, saw the paint and flipped out! She absolutely loved it! We removed the paint supplies, opened a window and let it dry. I showered, changed into some socially-acceptable clothes, threw my hair in a topknot-I was too lazy for anything else- and we went to a little boutique for curtains and room decorations. It took us a while, and by the time we got back, the walls were nearly dry. I had chosen orange curtains for the window seat, a red alarm clock, and a few knickknacks. We left the pile on my bed, as the walls were still kinda wet. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching cartoons-me- or drawing-sally. Exciting, huh?

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