My Superman

Lacy gets in a car crash and loses her memory and her family. She has no Idea her age, name or grade. What happens when she moves in next to One Direction


3. My new neighbors


  I decided to looked around. The first room had a desk and was covered with  papers, a sewing machine and some other stuff. Across from the bathroom was Sally's room. The last room was filled with posters and random stuff. I heard Sally come up the stairs, "That's Jason's room." she explained. "Ah."     

I went to get ready for bed, and went the bathroom, realizing that since the accident I hadn't seen what I looked like. I had shoulder length curly brown hair and blue eyes. I had stitches on my right arm and head. I had tiny scabs all over me. I looked horrid, so I turned away and went to bed.   I arose to the sun shining through the open window.I slowly dragged myself out bed and checked the time.It was only 6:00 am !I showered and put on some shorts, a flowered tank top,and some white toms and pulled my hair into a sloppy bun. I crept downstairs to the smell of bacon and eggs. In the kitchen, Sally was already dressed and cooking. 

"Mooooorrninnngggg!" she sang

"Mornin'." I mumbled "Care for some bacon?"

"Please. " I grumbled, holding out my plate.   

We ate quickly and climbed upstairs to brush our teeth. About 10 minutes later, we were ready, as neither of us wore any make-up. We decided on a pale blue for my walls. When we got back from the paint store, I changed into some of Sally's old clothes, which fit rather well, considering I was taller than her, and got set up and started painting.      

We hadn't gotten very far when the doorbell rang. I raced to answer it. I opened the door to five cute boys around my age. The boy closest to me, short with blond hair, spoke first. "Hi, we're your new neighbors!" he had a heavy Irish accent. Their faces looked as though they expected me to scream or something. "I'm Lacy." I told them. They quickly realized I had no clue who they were, and introduced themselves.  "I'm Niall." the Irish boy said. "And this is Liam," he pointed at a boy with big brown eyes and light brown hair. "Thats Harry." gesturing to a tall boy with curly brown hair. "This is-"  "Zayn," a boy with black hair gelled up cut in.  "And I'm Louis,"The fifth boy quickly added

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