Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


9. Why?!?

Harry's P.O.V

Should I tell Sara.No i shouldn't i should talk to Zayn first and then tell sara if he doesn't want to tell her.I can't be like this To Sara.I still like her theres no way my feelings are getting away. "Okay guys lets go to the beach " I say.I get my tank and some swimming trunks.I'm wearing blue ones Zayn is wearing blue ones aswell Niall Green Louis Red and Liam of course Purple.The girls come out looking all beautiful."you all look beautiful all us lads says."thank you" they all say and blush.All of em' wearing shorts and a see through shirt with the bathing suit tank under it.And of course a beach bag.Sara looked beautiful.She was maching me :D oh... Zayn too.She was wearing light ripped shorts with a blue see through shirt under was black and dark blue polka-dot bikini top.Rebeca was wearing some shorts to but stud on em' and a a see through shirt color Purple and also had jean parts on the collar and buttons,Green bikini top.And eleanor leather shorts and a Red bikini top and a see through shirt color white.Wow Sara looked so cute.

Sara's P.O.V

"Alright guys let have fun and clean your drool from the floor" i say and all of em' look down at the floor and smile at the ground while blushing.We walk off giggling.We walk to the beach because it's just back of the house. Its a private beach. We get there and all take off are shirts.And for us girls shorts."Damn my girl fine" Zayn says and pulls my hand to face him."Okay Zayn were together now you dont ae to lie." i say blushing."I'm not lying " he says almost kissing me almost so close to kissing me passionatly and then leaves.He temted me!!"HEY!!!!" I say when he leaves and gets a drink."You thought i was going to kiss you didnt you?" he said smiling."yes!!" i say laughing.He kisses me softly."ok i got what i wanted " I said.He laugh making me laugh.

Zayn makes me smile."C'mon Sara let swim!" Louis Says."I'll be there in a sec"i scream back."C'mon Zayn lets go" i get up and pull his arm."no i'll stay here" he says scratching the back of his head."Please c'mon what if i drwon you have to give me CPR " He laugh and pulls my arm which i still had grip on.And kisses me.*sigh* his sweet kisses."i don't want to babe i can't swim"He says."aww Zayn you could've told me" i said "i thought you would laugh and its embarrasing." "its not Zayn i'll be right back I want to swim is that okay" "yeah go Sara have fun" he says.I go and i run to the water. I feel water get on my face i close my eyes because it went in my eyes."HARRY!!!"  I scream he laugh so i run and jump on top of him making him go in the water.He lifts me up on his shoulders get out of the water and puts me down on the ground.And starts ticklin me."H-Harry S-stop" i say laghing.He stops and sits next to me.I look back and Zayn's looking at someone at the beach and then leaves suddenly.I wonder what happened.

Harry's P.O.V

I am going to tell her even if Zayn likes it or not.I turn around and see Zayn leave and walk away to the side of the beach.I wonder why."Hey Sara im sorry fro holding your hand yesterday i was just lost" "its ok Harry you didn't know" "yeah i didn't know thats it",i say liying."Sara I need to tell you something..."I say."yeah Harry?" she says looking me in the eyes."umm...Zayn is cheating on you,before you something let me explain" i say."HARRY HOW AM I SUPPOSE T CALM DOWN WHEN YOU JUST SAID MY BOY-" SHE SAID SCREAMING."shhh Let me explain..." i say "ok!!" she says and sits down."okay so Zayn is dating this girl namedKaren she's 19 and she lives in Bradford i dont recall him saying she broke up with her but i just wanted to tell you" I say she's not in tears shes biting her lower lip trying to hold the tears back."thank you Harry...Can you take me home" she says kissing my cheek after she says "thank you' 

"ok c'mon lets go"i say.Picking her up from the floor.We walk back to the house.I think i've hurt her but it's not my fault Zayn did this to her.I did the right thing.Well i think I did."ok here it is...umm there's tea and coffee in that cabinet"i say pointing to the cabinet."thanks Harry...for everything" she says kissing my cheek again."no problem i say blushing.she laughs and says "easy there Styles" "i-its o-k i-m f-f-fine" i act like i can't speak.We both laugh."Harry wanna wach movies i mean if you want to you can go have fun a the beach.

"No it's fine i'll stay with you so you wont be alone" i say giving her a cheeky smile."OK thank yo HARRYYY" she says screaming we both laugh.We sit down in the couch.

Sara's P.O.V

I tell Harry to stay cause' i dont wanna be lonely and im down right now beacause of what Zay did.I decide to go to the bathroom to call Zayn."hello?" Zayn says. "where are you?"i say " the beach you" "Zayn is there something you need to tell me something your hiding?" "umm no why"he says."ok Zayn well were through okay sorry but i dont like cheaters" i say and hang up.As much as it hurt me I knew it wasn't right he didnt tell me.

Zayn's P.O.V

The only thing i heard was 'you're a cheater'.She found out.I was goin' to break up with Karen and i did today thats why u left the beach.Ugh i mested up!!.Im such and idiot.Well i deserve.Who told her though one of the boys for sure.But who...Harry. Well dont blame him i did wrong.I should've broke up with Karen long time ago before kissing Sara.Oh well I bet Harry is with her right now. Well Harry is a good guy. I guess she can stay with him but im not letting go of Sara that easily.I'm not giving up on us.

Sara's P.O.V

Surprisingly i didn't cry.I feel strong.Oh wait i Am!!! lmao.Okay back on track im gonna go whatch a film with my best friend.Harry. :) . "Hey where were you?" Haz said."just called Zayn to tell him it was over." i say without a doubt."oh really im sorry"he says."it's fine actually not that devastating" i laugh and sit next to him."oh okay anything you need ill be here Sara" "thank you Hazza"


We decided to whach 'The Notebook' omg this movie made me cry."are you crying"i tell Harry."no there's something in my eyes"he says."awwww Harry dont cry!!!" I say.he covers his face with his hand and says "IM NOT" he says.I laugh. I try to take his hands of his face and i can't he's to strong im still struggling we both laugh."Hazzz t-ake you hands off your f-faceeee" i say He takes his hands off and goes"happy!" "haha yeah i say sitting back down.We whach the rest of the movie.:Hey where did you guys go!!!" Niall says.We went back here cause' umm we got bored" Harry said.Zayn walked through and just went to him room."soo anybod hungry"i say "NANDOSS!!" Niall screams makin' us all laugh."okay lets go"Louis says.

Harry's P.O.V

"i'm going to tell Zayn.I knock at his door."yeah"he says."we goin' to Nandos comin'" i say "yeah i'll be out in a few" "oh okay" i say.He comes out and goes to Louis car."umm guys i think i'll stay here not that hungry" I say."umm you sure Haz" Sara asks "yeah" i say "well okay i'll stay with" Sara says."umm no its okay you can go" "No harry ima stay and keep you company" she says."alright guys we're off" Rebeca says.

They leave and leave us both nobody else."Lets go to the game room!" Sara says."okay" i says she grabs my wrist and runs.



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