Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


5. To a date and Harry's BDay

Rebeca's P.O.V

I couldn't belive this was happpenin' i smiled like and ediot.Once i got to my room I called Sara oviously and told her all about it."NO WAYY!!!!"she said when i told her we kissed.Sara asked,"you goin to Harrys Party tomorrow." "duh he's my cousin i would'nt miss it for the world,im going to the mall with Niall to get a present tomorrow first", i responded."oh okay well i gotta go",Sara said."Bye"i said"bye",she responded.


Its was Harrys Bday adnim getting ready to go to my date!!Im still smiling so much my mouth hurts.I put on my light Blue Skinny Jeans a white with a little bit of red Gilly Hicks shirt a denim light blue Jacket and red Toms with some lip gloss and a red bow.Perfect.i suddenly hear a knock at my door.Its Niall.I run downstairs and open the door to find nile with one red rose it was beautiful.He gave it to me and game a a kiss on the cheek.I smelled the rose and love the smell.Its my favorite smell ever."thank you Niall i give him a kiss on the cheek back.he put his hand out i grabbed it and i scream to my mom"MOM IM GOING OUT!!"  "Alright honey make sure you go to Harry's house" she said "I WILL!!" lol i dont know why i screamed at her.Niall laughed though. I love seeing him laugh.


Niall's P.O.V

We arrive at NorthPassage Mall.Biggest mall in Ireland.Rebeca mouths out the word wow."I know it really big right", I say "yeah its so massive."she said still surprised.I grab her hand and interlock them with mine.she puts her head on my shoulder.Shes just head in at Abercrombie and Fitch.I buy her this Navy blue long sleeve shirt and some navy blue jeans."thank you Niall but you didnt have to buy me anything i brought money"she said."yes i did were on a date i pay"i say letting go of her hand and putting my arm over her shoulder she grabs me by the waist.

"lets go to Hollister to get Harry his present"she said."no he doesnt wear that anymore,let go to jack Willis"i said."oh okay.last month he said he liked Hollister now he says Jack Willis.Hes such a special child."she says we both start laughing. We get in the Jack Willis store and i get Harry a purple Sweatshirt and Rebeca get him Black Shirt."lets go to the shoes store im going to buy navy blue high tops"i say."is this why you bought me navy blue stuff today so we  can match to Harry's Part"she says laughing."umm...pshh nooo"we both start laughing.We get to 'shoewear' and i get my shoes she get some Navy blue toms.I was gonna buy it for her but she graved her size and ran to the chashier and bought before i looked.We got to the Fodd court and buy Nandos.Of cousre.


we were about to leave when this 19 year old started flirting with Rebeca in front of me."so is this your brother?"he asks."no actually im her boyfriend"i bud in."she can speak for herself man"he says pushing me.Thats it i had it."im about to punch himn when Rebeca scream"STOP!!!" and then i put my fist down."Listen! Leave me alone i have a boyfriend his Name is Niall the one right here okay is that what you wanted me to say ok now bye!"she says with anger."pshh your wasting your time im better than this blondie"the guy says."im wastin oh okay atleast im dating someone you flirting with people way out of you leage"she says"alright babe lets go", i say"as for you,you could've went to jail for punching what were you thinking"she say."im sorry i got jealous,i cant help it."i say "well you could've handled it better than that, I could've handled my self i dont need people defending me"she says."ill meet you at Harry's Party "she says.She leaves and i run to her"Rebeca wait " she didnt turn around she left in a taxi.


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