Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


2. Meeting the Rest

Rebeca's P.O.V:

We arrive at school Getting ready to learn.HA me learn.Like i was saying i had to go to Home and careers.BORING.Ironically Niall had the same class and the rest of em' to .Yay! We both arrive im showing him around and i tell Mrs.Adelman hes new she says "he can sit with you "i smile and say "Ok Niall let go" he shyly walk across the room him catching every girls attention im not gonna lie i was getting jealous i know i just met the guy but in the bus."you ok"Niall says interrupting my thought "im fine " i say smiling.He pokes my dimple when i smiled at him and says "i can see you and Harrys look-alike feature"i laugh and say "haha yeah veryone says that."


Its was 5th period.Lunch i told Niall to sit with Sara and me.He said ok.We were sitting together and Niall scareams to Harry,Liam,Louis,and Zayn to sit with us they come and i hug my cousin Harry me and him are close.Then hug his best friend Louis brings El with him there so cute together i swear.Then i see Zayn and Liam and say hi to them both i dont really talk to them.

I got to know Zayn And liam and we told eachother stuff so we all became really it was 5 boys and three girls.One was two were taken both dating eachother louis and El.I liked Niall and Sara liked Liam.the bell Rang and i stood up and left.

Niall's P.O.V:

Rebeca stood up and left to her class.I followed her cause' idk where my next class is."wait Rebeca!"i screamed she turned around and said"sorry i forgot you were new""its ok"i say smiling we head to last period of the day.Math.We sat together in every class.I liked it.I liked her.But she would never like me,but im going to ask her if she wants to go do homework with me after school.I know Liam likes Rebeca to he told me in luch he said"wow Rebeca's pretty cute" i got mad and told him"she doesnt date"i so lied to him i felt bad but i couldnt let him take her away from me.


After school ended i went ove to Were Rebeca was and asked her"wanna do homework at my hous today" she said "sure"and smiled.i absolutley love her smile it brings her dimples out.

We headed to my house and i opened the car door for her"thank you" she said and blushed.awww she blushed she might like me!!



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