Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


7. It Just feel...Right

Rebeca's P.O.V

I was downstairs talking and catching up with my cousins and aunts.Till' i hear a knock at the door.Harry went and oppened it.Niall.He was matching me i forgot we were suppose to match but i didnt want to talk to him.But i was stupid to wear what he bought me the navy blue long seeve,navy skinny jeans and ,my navy toms and my hair up in a ponytail and my glasses.He was wearing beige pants a navy blue polo shirt and the hightops he boutght today the navy ones his hair up in a quiff (like in the cover pic).He look so cute.No Rebeca he doesnt think you can defend yourself dont fall for him.Again.C'mon Rebeca be stro-"um hi Rebeca"I hear Liam say."oh sorry Hey" "you okay Rebeca" he says."oh yeah im fine"."oh okay"He says.and just leaves.


its been two hours here at Harry's house its already8:00pm.Me and Niall havent talked the only thing that has happened we looked at eachother in the eyes once a while."im going to the bathroom upstairs,excuse me"i smile and go upstairs."Hey umm do you think Sara likes me"Harry says"damn you scared me your such a jerk,just kidding i love you cuz" "im talking serious right noe Rebeca!" "well sorry and idk maybe make a move, C'mon bro you got this" "Rebeca just stop dont do that love just stop" "umm sorry but seriously make a move" "i cant she likes Zayn she almost kissed him outside"he says putting his head down "what this gil she did not update with me damn ima go yell at her-" "Rebeca!!" "oh what im sorry you know what i thought she liked Liam she even told me but i guess she likes Zayn but you can steal her heart if Zayn hasnt got it yet try ok,alright ima pee on myself so excuse ME" i say

Niall's P.O.V

I went upstairs to go find Rebeca and talk to her i cant live like this.Without saying sorry and getting her to be mine.Again. "hey man" Harry says going downstairs "hi and Happy birthday bro big love" "thx Nialler" Ihead upstairs and see Rebeca come out of the door."Niall i dont have time for this ok I told you i can defend my self.Its Harry's birthday let make my coisin and your best friend i happy day okay so go down-" I kiss her to shut up.

Rebeca's P.O.V

He kisses me to shut up.I try to get off from the kiss.But he grabs my waist and pulls me closer and tighter.I tanlge my hands in his hair.He has some soft ass hair. I finally let go.and rest our forheads against eachother."please please take me back! im sorry i promise i'll control my jelousy"he says"Niall idk" "Rebeca please i like you A LOT" "Nialler i'll give you one more chance okay but if your jeal-" He kisses me again but this time with his hand on my cheek.He lets go and says "Thank you so much babe,i promise you i wont do it again"


Sara's P.O.V

Zayn comes out in black sweat pants and a white no sleeve shirt.Oh my lord his tattoos were noticable.Hes so freaking hot.OK control yourself Sara.All of us teen were outside.Harry,Niall,Rebeca,Louis,Eleanor,Liam,Zayn and me.Niall was sitting on the bench in a blanket with Rebeca her resting her head on his shoulders and holding hands.Louis and Eleanor the same.Harry sitting next to me.Liam was sitting next to Harry and Zayn was sitting next to me.Harry grabbed a blanket and put it over me and him.Under the blanket he grabbed my hand interlocking them.Why did this happen to me.I know im pretty but c'mon now.Hehe im so full of myself.Zayn also does the same both of my hands were tken.But then Zayn lets go and puts his arm around me.I let go of Harrys hand And put both of my arms on Zayns Chest and cuddle up.Zayn hugs me.With Zayn it just felt right.

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