Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


11. I Love You...?

Sara P.O.V

I Quickly Cover my eyes and turn around."Sorry babe Didn't you were in here" Harry said."you shouldn't be coming out naked out of the shower anyways" I said.Good thing i didnt see anything I only saw his abs and stopped there.But his abs were nice though."you should get used to seeing Harry naked...he always does,not only you have to get used to it so does Eleanor and Rebeca"Liam says laughing he doesnt cover his eyes he's already used to it."actually Eleanor hasn't but Rebeca already saw me naked she's my cousin my whole family has seen me naked"Harry says.Rebeca passes through the door and says "yes not pretty to see" I laugh."C'MON!!!!REBECA SERIOUSLY!!"Harry scream.Rebeca comes back not covering her eyes"

You can turn around now Sara, he put pants on"Liam says leaving the room.I turn around he has pants on but still no shirt I didn't mind I already saw all the guys shirtless at the beach.There all fit.Rebeca left leaving us alone.Harry walk to me and grabs my hands Interlocking them.I have to look up at him because I'm really short for my age Rebeca's taller and she's younger by 4 months."Babe so we on or not?" He says looking in my eyes.His green eyes ughh. I'm gonna play hard to get because last time i started a relationship fast I got cheated on."I don't know Harry...Maybe this will tell you" I lean in about to kiss him but dont "your such a tease!!" he says.I give him a kiss on the cheek.And im about to leave when he says"playing hard to get huh?? i see!! btw sorry for earlier but sooner or later babe you gonna see me naked at some point" He says Winking at me.I laugh and says"in your dreams Styles!" "oh they are in my dreams" he says winking again.

I leave and go get some tea.I can't sleep without me and Rebeca always do this."REBECA TIME FOR OUR NIGHT TEA!!""I scream.Zayn comes out of his room since it's downstairs."what's all the noise?!"Zayn says.

"Sorry" I Said and then quickly turned around to see Rebeca coming.He closes the door and gets in his room."here i am lets go talk and drink tea!"she said.


Rebeca's P.O.V

"ok so thats whats been happenin' with you Sara im glad we had this talk" Me and Sara haven't talked in a while.So we cathced up tonight."alright I'm going to sleep now" I say getting up to put the cup in the dish washer."Have fun" Sara says winking at me "shut up!" "lol make sure you dont make to much noise I need my beauty sleep" Sara says again.Making me blush."shut up shut up shut the hell up" I said.She laughed.I go upstairs and open the door ."I thought you'd never come."He said."sorry I was talking to Sara and having a cup of tea I can't go to sleep without it" I say with a spanish accent.I'm spanish so i talk english funny."whoah you sounded so Spanish." "yeah it comes and goes" I say laughing.He stands up to change to P.J."I'm gonna change too" I say.Going to get clothes and going to the bathroom but Niall stops me and says."why dont you change here,im chaging infront of you." he said winking."NIALL!!Your so dirty!" "he laughs."just for you babe"He says."Niall go to sleep." I say pointing at the bed."ugh okay fine."i come out and go lay next to him.He then puts his shoulder under my head and i burry my head in his chest."I love you "he whispers.Umm it's to soon for that its hard for me to love a person so i acted like i didn't here."hmm?" "nothing"he says and sleeps.






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