Only time will Tell

Rebeca,18 Starts to fall in love with Niall he and her have a connection when they first meet.Her Best friend Sara,19 introduces them.niall just recently moved to st.Mullingar highschool.Sara likes Liam Payne but does he fancy Rebeca.And Niall also fancys Rebeca but when they go to a birthday party Harry, rebeca's cousin Fancys sara and so does Zayn what will happen"Only time will Tell"Oh and Louis is with El as usual


3. At Niall's House

Rebeca's P.O.V

Im here in Niall Horans house he opened the car door for me and also held the house door his house was Massive "c'mon let go to the kitchen"he said leading me there. We sat down on the island of his kitchen.HIs mom comes in and say"Niall!!You didnt tell me you had a girlfriend"i blush and say"im just a friend"i blush like crazy so does he.idk but the word'friends' killed me i wanted to be more than friends."go to the living room or you room to study Niall im going to cook dinner"maura says to Niall"Rebeca would you like to stay for dinner"Maura says to me."oh no i dont wanna be a bother"i say to her."no cmon your not a bother"Niall says."umm idk.... ill be happy to have dinner with you guys thank you"Niall say "c'mon Rebeca lets go to my room to study"i felt kinda nervous about this..."umm ok"

we go to his room "you want anything to drink"he offers with a smile that lights up my world like noboy else~lmao im listening to it while writing~"um no thx"i reply with a smile aswell."ok so whats first"i say "math"he replys sitting back down on the bed im sitting on the floor its akward."and get up from the floor sit here"he says patting to the spot next to him.i stand up and sit next to him.He opens the book and turns to the page.we finish homework.Finally."wanna watch films",Niall asks."sure which ones do you have",i ask"umm" he stands up and checks

Niall's P.O.V

I know i have action movies and horror am going to say 'Prom Night' cause' its scary she might be scared and hug me.Good choice Nialler Good choice."wanna watch 'Prom Night' ",i say hoping for a yes"yes!! ive always wanted to wach it"she says.YESSSSSS.we cuddle up and shes gonna fall for me and we live happily ever after."dinners ready!"i hear my mom say."well wach it after dinner"she says heading out the door.

we head out and eat i eat fast but not to fast so we could go wach the movie so does she"thank you Mrs.Horan it was delicious"Rebeca says.we head to my room again ready to wach the movie

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