Imagine living under the control of a secret organization filled with spies, hackers and assassins. Taking orders with no questions asked. Taking down the targets like they were simply weak, defenseless bugs. What if your target has had the same special training you had? What if they know you're after them? What if they're tracking your every move? What if... http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/342353/ Please comment and favorite!!


3. 002



"I promise I will bring her to you safely," I assured and hung up the payphone. Minji is one of our only hopes of ending The Society. First things first, we need to get her to stop believing all those lies they've been telling her. The poor girl still thinks her mother is dead.

Minji's POV

'Today's the day. Biggest mission yet,' I thought sarcastically and rolled my eyes. I rolled out of bed and put on a white v-neck t-shirt, black pants and my combat boots. I started packing the essentials like clothes, poison, guns. You know, the usual things you pack for vacation. After packing, I made myself a quick breakfast and hot chocolate to go.

It was only three in the morning, so most people were still sleeping. I had to catch the next train to Seoul and check into my hotel by six. The security guards there are members of The Society, too, so I have no trouble with my luggage being searched for explosives. Once I arrived in Seoul, I went directly to the hotel and checked in.

"Ah, Baek SuMin, is that correct?" the woman at the desk asked. Baek SuMin is the name I use outside of The Society. "Suite 119 is ready. Here are the keys."

I quickly went up to my room and took out my laptop. I convinced Ren to tap into all the security cameras in downtown Seoul, the place where JR had been spotted last.

After several hours of monitoring the cameras, JR came into view. 'Not so smart after all.' He headed into a club, flashing the bouncer the fake ID that The Society gives everyone. 

"Time to go clubbing," I muttered to myself. I pulled out the tightest dress I owned and a pair of black stilettos. I put on a short bleached-blonde wig and applied as much makeup I could without looking too slutty. After doing all that, I called a cab and went to the club.

When I got there, the bouncer didn't bother checking for my ID. They always let the sexy girls in with no problem. I walked inside and the music was nearly deafening. I managed to push myself through the crowd and over to the bar where JR was sitting. He was staring at the counter and he smirked to himself.

I called the bartender over. "Could you send that guy over there some red wine, on me?" I smiled.

The bartender winked and brought the wine over to JR. JR gave a confused look, but looked at me and smiled when the bartender told him I ordered it. He picked up his drink and came over to me.

"I should be the one buying drinks for a pretty girl like you," he yelled over the loud music."What's your name?"   

"SuMin," I smirked. I moved my arm just enough to knock my purse off of the counter. "Oops. Silly me."

JR bent down to get it for me. When he wasn't looking, I slipped a small amount of arsenic into his drink. He came back up and took a sip from it. 

"Sorry, I can be so clumsy sometimes," I laughed. "Why don't we go somewhere more... private." I didn't want anybody to watch him die, so I pulled him into an alley where no one would see us. 

The arsenic didn't seem to have an effect on him just yet. Partly because we're all trained to have resistance against drugs, but it would kill him eventually.

"You really thought I wouldn't recognize you, Minji?" he whispered in my ear. "And did you think I was stupid enough to actually drink that?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said innocently. 'He's a lot smarter than he looks.'

He slid his hands under my wig and pulled it off. "How about now?"

"I'm just trying to do my job."

"And you're doing horrible. You know, in a way, you're just like me. Always breaking the rules."

I thought about it and he was right. I already broke the first and fifth rule. Possibly the third, too.

"And I know you hate working for them, too. Join me. Help me take them down."

"No, I won't. I'm not going to get killed for failing this mission or betraying my family," I stated and put a tracking device on his jacket collar without him noticing.

"Is that what they are? Your 'family'? Do you know how many secrets they've been hiding from you? Do you even know the truth about your mother?"

"She died the same way they said you did."

"There is so much you don't know, Minji," he sighed. "Come with me and I'll show you the truth about everything."

"As much as I hate them, I can't betray them.  You need to die for that."

"Okay, fine," he said. He took out a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and attached me to a dumpster and started walking away. "You're going to have to find me all over again."

"Oh, I will," I mumbled. 

"By the way, here's your tracking device back," he said and threw it at me.

"If you want a game of cat-and-mouse, Kim Jonghyun, then you'll get it!" I yelled as he left my sight. I reached into my purse with my free hand and pulled out a piece of wire I used to pick locks. After getting out of the handcuffs, I tried to follow him, but he was already long gone.

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