Love is a weird thing

This is a real true story bout me and my bf this is like my diary, there is a series of books about me and my boyfriend christopher and i hope u enjoy the series.And you may find the odd mystery or adventure story! hope you enjoy thank you!



OMG Christopher was hugging me  I ran out the door  and started to run down the stairs into the J block I knew he was chasing me so I walked through everyone in the canteen he was still behind me why wont he just leave me alone I thought , he just wouldnt give up so what I did is i followed someone out the canteen and i sat on a bench in a  gazebo i sat in the very back corner bench

crying he must of heard me crying because i hurd someone breathing behind me

I said go away loadz of times the next minute i heard his voice shouting NO IM NOT LEAVING YOU ! and he said you need a shoulder to cry on and he huddled

up to me at this point I was so upset I lent on his shoulder i felt something touch my head  he kissed me. This was so weird he dumped me and is now hugging me and giving me a kiss! He grabbed my face turned my head facing him and the look

on his eyes was I'm sorry look he said Brooke I'm so sorry for everything Ive done can i have another chance.I swear I was in a trance coz i hugged him and

said yes I'm sorry to he looked happy yet confused he whispered in my ear........................................I love you Brooke.Dont say sorry or anything see ya later.

He said not to say anything I be honest I was speechless !!!


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