This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


15. You can't trust anyone...

I was walking through town with crutches because of my broken leg, I came across a boy playing guitar. "Wow" I whispered. I took a few hops forward until I realised it was Louis! His playing was beautiful! I walked to him...
"Hi, it's me Katie" I said.
"Katie who"
"You don't remember me?"
"Erm not really"
He looked at me with a clueless face like I was some sort of physco! I went back to my house and went to my bedroom, locked the door and tears streamed down my face. I heard a knock at the door "come in" I said. I felt like I was moving so I woke up with a jolt. "W-where am I?" "You slept in hospital last night love" "no I was at home" "must have been a dream" the nurse said. I looked up at the time it was 8:30 breakfast time. I was going to go down to the cafeteria but the nurse said I couldn't walk that far yet, so I ordered a cooked breakfast and some orange juice. As the nurse left a familiar boy walked in.
"OMG LOUIS YOUR HERE!" I screamed causing him to make a small smile. He asked me how I was and what was up at his house, apparently everyone was missing me and then after we had a long chat and he made me some tea and stuff like that he gave me a brown, not opened letter and told me it was from my father. "Your dad came to ours and told me to give you this"
"What is it?" I asked.
"I don't know but I'll leave you to open it" Louis said and told me he'd be in the cafe. I opened the envelope and found a letter which read...
'Dear Katie,
I know you are I'll and in hospital and this isn't a good time but we are moving away to London, you can tell Louis and see him for the last time in 2 weeks. I love you and see you soon!
Love dad x'
I WAS FURIOUS! How was I going to be back home in 2 weeks?! How could I tell Louis?...

Ah, I filled my hungry belly up with a lovely sandwich, for some reason I loved hospital food! I made my way up though to Katie's room and before I knocked I heard someone crying but I wasn't sure if it was from Katie's room or the room next to her! I peeped my head through the room next to Katie and saw a young teenage girl about 12 years old, "Louis? Louis Tomlinson? AHHH WOOOO" the girl screamed.
"Hi what's your name?"
"That's a nice name Chloe"
"Thanks will you give a auto-graph?"
"Sure where?"
"My pot on my arm and my notebook, I can't believe I met you"
I gave her a auto-graph and left knowing it was Katie crying, it could only mean one thing, Katie was crying because of the letter! I knocked on her door and she said I could come in, she handed me the letter before I asked her what was wrong, I read it and was shocked! She couldn't leave! She was my best friend! I gave her a hug and we both started crying in each-others arms.
"How could my dad do that?" Katie asked but before I answered or said anything I ran out and drove home, ignoring traffic lights and going over speed limits, I hope I don't get pulled! I told the boys and they came back to the hospital with me. When we got there Katie was asleep with something under her bed... A DIARY! "Guys, this will be full of her secrets"
I said.
"Louis that's mean" Liam said, oh sorry Liam.
"C'mon guys" I said.
"If we get caught then I'm out of it" Niall said and all the boys agreed. We slowly sat in 2 chairs, they were quite big. I was in the middle and I turned over the first page.
'Dear diary,
Today I suffered again from hurtful abuse from my dad, today I forgot to tell my dad I was home from school so he hit my head and constantly slapped me' the boys gasped and I gave them the 'shut up' look. But to be honest I was shocked too, she never told me this! We shouldn't have read it but I was so keen to read on, the following pages was abuse from her dad until one read out...
'He is so cute, I thought I was showing it too much that I fancied him so when the boys came I ignored him... Bad idea!'
"Oooo x Katie has a crush" they sang,
"Shut up the previous page will..."

I heard a noise and I slowly opened my eyes just a little so they wouldn't notice and I heard Louis say "the previous page will show who she fancies" "haha Louis turn it" I looked at what they had in there hand and it was MY DIARY! I started to cry "Louis how could you do that?!" I said crying. "It-it's not what it looks like!" He replied. "What you and the boys reading my diary doesn't look like that" "erm" "boys please leave I have something to say to Louis" the boys left and shut the door behind them.
"You idiot! How dare you read my diary, it's full of secrets for no-one to read! You arnt the kind of guy you look like"
"Katie please forgive me I didn't mean too"
"Haha I'm in hospital asleep and you read my diary, some boyfr- I mean friend you are"
Louis smirked.
"What's so funny?"
"You called me your boyfriend"
"It was a mistake"
"We all make mistakes Katie, you see I made a mistake but you didn't..."
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