This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


5. Walking home

Sorry for the short chapter, didn't have much to write about!

Louis told me about his day and I told him about mine. He said "look Katie, I know I'm popular but you will still be my best friend forever" "aw Louis" he was so cute! Shut up Katie. OMG! I can't get him out of my head, ugh. Anyway, I said how I loved his new album 'take me home' and my favourite song was kiss you. We literally sang it all the way home. We stopped at the local store in London and I bought some chocolate and Louis bough some carrots, when he went to buy them the cashier said "why are you buying carrots young boy?" "Because I like carrots" Louis replied. I was in pain laughing he was so funny. "Are you sure you want to buy carrots?" The cashier asked. "Yes, duh, I love carrots, OMG they are so pretty and tasty." Buy this time I was on the floor dying. Anyway the cashier let him buy them and she didn't have any trouble with me buying them. We carried on waking and it started to rain so we ran all the way to my house, luckily the heating was on because we was soaked!
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