This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


2. School

Katie's POV:
We got to the bus and Louis still hasn't told me what he was going to say! We were last in the line which was bad because it looked busy and there might not be enough space for us. It got to 6 people left including me and Louis, the driver said "I can only fit 4 more in, I'm afraid." Nooo now we will be late to school, the next bus was in 16 minutes, that won't give us enough time to get to school and get to our lesson. We sat under the roof thing of the bus stop and Louis said "so shall I tell you what I was going to tell you" "yes please" "okay so you know how I'm famous and go to this school, well don't get excited but the other boys are coming too" I was so excited but I listened to what Louis had said, not to get too excited. "That's great" I could tell that he could tell that I was excited. Unfortunately it started to rain, and there was a hole in the roof. "I'm cold, and wet" I complained. "Here, have my jacket" he said feeling sorry for me. He took his blazer off so he was only wearing his t-shirt on the top. "Aw Louis thank you" I said. I moved closer to him so he didn't get cold. The bus was coming in 2 minutes. "Shall we get our money out Louis, the bus is here in 2" "okay, it's in my blazer though." "Oh yeah sorry hehe" I giggled "oh it's fine" he laughed "hahahahaha never heard you say that" I winked at him, he tried back but he couldn't wink. "Ooh the bus is here early, come on Louis" I said. The bus stopped and we got on, there was loads of seats but I was really nervous because I didn't want a detention for being late. We sat down on backwards seats, we always wanted to get on them, but they were never free. We finally arrived at school at 8:10 we were 10 minutes late!!! "Louis were 10 minutes late" I said worryingly "don't worry I'll think of a plan. We was in science the furthest away block, great! We got to S2 our science room and knocked on the door, it was so embarrassing!! I heard the teacher shout 'come in' Louis went in before me, "Louis, Katie?" She asked "yes sir, I mean miss, yes miss" Louis said, everyone laughed, I had to admit I did find it quite funny. "Why are you late?" Miss Nutall asked suspiciously. "Well um we missed the bus, well we didn't miss it we was at the back of the que and it was too busy for everyone to get on so we had to wait for the next bus" Louis said. "Reasonable excuse mr Tomlinson, you may now sit down" mrs Nutall said. Me and Louis didn't sit near each other in science which was upsetting because he was like my only friend, but tomorrow was the NPD (new people day) so I might make a new 'girl best friend' but Louis would still be my best friend. Minutes seemed like hours in science, next we had P.E another lesson Louis wasn't in or near me unless it was boys/girls P.E, we was doing netball which was quite fun, I was upset when we had to get changed the popular girls would make fun of my weight and call me names like 'chicken legs' then they'd make a chicken noise, they also called me 'stick body' because I was so thin, it wasn't my fault though!!!! Ugh. We got to the changing rooms and...
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