This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


8. Playing out in the snow


Me and Katie walked outside into the cold but with all my layers on it wasn’t too cold, just cold, If you get what I mean? Because we lived in a cul-de-sac not much of our snow was touched overnight so me and Katie started making footprints in the nice snow and we ruined it, it was fun though! We saved some space for us to make snow angels and Katie went first and I thought in my head ‘she doesn’t need to make a snow angel, she already is in my opinion.’ Her snow angel was beautiful but then it was my turn, I got down onto the snow and I could feel it in my hair “ew snow is in my hair, Katie help” I said.

“Oh stop it YOLO!” She replied, I laughed at the way she said ‘YOLO.’ My snow angel was a disaster; it wasn’t an angel more like a sheep that got attacked by a bull. Katie made a suggestion to make a snowman, so we did. “I’ll do the head and you can do the body because your stronger than me” Katie said. “What can I say?” we both laughed. I knew the best way of doing it was to find a piece of circular ice like on a car, anyway that’s where I got it from, then to find a wall or roll it on the ground one way and then turn it. After an hour the snowman was nearly finished it just needed stones for its eyes, stones for its nose, buttons for its buttons, a scarf, a hat, some gloves and the best part a carrot! While Katie tried to find stones outside I went inside to get the buttons, scarf, gloves, hat and carrot. When I went back outside the eyes and mouth were done. “woah, not only a pretty face” I laughed as I said it. Katie blushed and said “hahaha yehh, did you get the stuff?”


“Right lets put them on then!”

“Okay and my mum says you can have lunch at our house”

“Sure what we having?”

“Sandwiches and we have white bread and brown bread and loads of toppings”

“Okay then I’ll have a ham sandwich on brown bread”

“Great and we need to hurry; talking of food I’m hungry”

“Already it’s like 11:30 LOUIS”

“We have lunch at 12”

“Okay and I don’t want you turning into Niall”

“Haha” I laughed and after that we continued to build our snowman. When it was done I went inside and got out my camera and took a photo, this day was memorable. After I took the photo I went back inside to put my camera away and as soon as I came out again Katie shouted “watch-out LOSER” and then with 2 seconds to spare a snowball hit me in the stomach. “Oh it’s on Katie” I said. “hah bring it” She laughed. We had a snowball fight and it was so cool, I got hit many times and lost like but as long as I spent time with Katie that’s the main thing. I never told her about the tour I was going on in the summer because I thought it might upset her, anyway I was trying to think of a way for her to come with us.

“DINNERS READY” I heard my mum shout. “coming” me and Katie said.
On the way in I said to Katie “I have a surprise for you” “ohh tell me” “I will at lunch.”


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