This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


7. My sad/happy morning

Well what happened was that in the end as the weather forecast said it might have a chance of doing was snow, great! It snowed all night and my dad didn't even tell me! When I woke up I did the usual but I danced around and sang one direction songs the whole time because I was so excited to meet the rest of the band, because they would be staying at Louis' house they would all be opposite me and I planned what I would do with them all, so for Niall I want him to teach me how to speak an Irish accent, Liam: to have a feast of food like yoghurt and ice-cream because it would be a challenge not to use spoons, just in case you didn't know Liam is scared of spoons. Zayn: I would get him to tell me how he does his hair everyday! Harry: we would go to the animal thing and look at kitty's all day. Me and Louis already arranged to go to the cinema in 2 days, when valentine’s day was. Anyway I went upstairs opened the window to let some air in and I realized it had snowed heavily because it was piled high, I turned my phone on and I had a missed call from Louis. I rang him back and he told me "I'm really sorry Katie but because of the heavy snow, the One Direction mini bus hasn't been able to get here I'm afraid." "So there not coming at all?" I asked. "They will be coming just not today!" "Erm okay well see you later" I said. "Bye" Louis said happily. I was shocked and upset and felt like dying. My shot to meet One Direction was ruined! Ugh. Anyway Louis said they would be coming!!! I couldn't wait to see them. I checked the school website to check if school was on, it wasn't, hurray! Even though school was off today was one of the worst days of my life, firstly: One Direction can't come because of the snow. Secondly: my chance to get a 'girl best mate' was ruined today. Anyway I text Louis to see if he wanted to go to the cinema today just in case the boys came tomorrow or the day after and it was just safe for us to get there. Louis wouldn't reply so I gathered that after he rang me be turned his phone off. So I put some warm clothes on and went to his house, I knocked on his door and Louis' mum answered and said "oh come out of the cold dear"

Louis' mum was so nice, she offered my tea and fed me biscuits and always cheered me up just like Louis.


I went up their stairs into Louis’ room and found him asleep with his head on his computer desk. “hahahahaha Louis wake up”

“uh uh where am…”

And he was asleep again. I poked him until he eventually woke up. I told him we needed to check the cinema times to see when we would set off, it was only ½ a mile to walk there so it didn’t take us too long. The times to see ‘the impossible’ was:



5:00 and

7:30, we thought we would get the 5 o’clock one so that we would have all afternoon to hang out at each other’s houses and play out in the snow. Louis got dressed while I went downstairs and chatted to his mum. “In the easter school break we are planning to go on a family break to ‘Ravenscar Hotel’ and I said to Louis that he could bring a mate as long that I said he could bring the certain person. We told him surprisingly about it yesterday and he said that you would be the first person on his list an-“ I butted in saying “aw that’s cute, Louis would be the first on my list too” “okay well as I was saying, would it be alright for you to come?” “I think so, I can’t think of any reason why not, but I will ask my dad at the weekend in 2 days!”

Louis shouted from upstairs “I’M READY KATIE LETS GO” I laughed. “Where are you going?” his mum asked? “We are going outside to play in the snow and build a snowman and stuff” I said. “okay well make sure you wrap up warm and I’ll see you later” She said. Me and Louis headed outside and started playing in the snow.


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