This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


9. Lunch and a talk with Liam


As we walked into Louis’ house I took off my soggy snow-filled boots as well as Louis and placed them into the shoe rack as I normally did at Louis’ house. We walked into the kitchen and sat on the table waiting for us was our sandwiches! We sat down and ate them slowly because they were so deliciously yummy. Louis did a drumroll and told me the most exciting news of the history of the most exciting of the exciting news in the whole history of history. HE TOLD ME THAT I COULD RING EACH OF THE BOYS SEPERATLY ARGGHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG EVEN IF I DID THAT I WOULD STILL MEET THEM ANYWAY. “So when can I call them?” I asked. “After lunch” He answered. With what Louis said I think I ate the rest of my lunch in 10 seconds and I shouted “LETS CALL THE BOYS” “Katie you need to calm down” Louis said. “Okay” I said but I think I said it excitingly, if that’s a word? Louis handed me a piece of paper with their numbers on it "there are some rules with these numbers Katie" Louis started trying to sound serious but laughing through it aswell "1) do not give anyone their numbers even if we fall out.
2) don't constantly call them and
3) erm... There isn't a three" Louis said. "Haha and okay" I said. Louis was glad he had made me smile on this dreadful day and I had to wait a minute to embrace myself for the phone call. I honestly don't know why I was so excited I mean one of the boys was my best friend, it's like having a friend and then being more excited to meet there sister or something aha.

I kind of felt sad and happy, I was happy because I made Katie smile and I loved her smile! But I was sad because she felt more excited to speak to the other boys than me! I mean, what? She got out her 3 year old phone. She blushed when she got it out because it was a Nokia, I sniggered but so did she. "Love your phone" I laughed. "Grrr it's my dads old one" she replied. She slowly typed in the first number: Liam's.

My hands shaked as I typed in 'the' LIAM PAYNE'S phone number. I thought I was in a dream. It started ringing and I was shaking like mad! Liam answered!!!!! "Hello" Liam said. "OMG HELLO LIAM IT'S SO NICE TO SPEAK TO YOU"
"Aw that's cute, I'm guessing your Louis best friend"
"That's right, I'm so lucky!"
"Haha I'm sorry we couldn't get there today"
"It's fine, when are you next coming?"
"We are gonna try and set off tomorrow so I might see you soon"
"Sorry Katie I can't stay on but I'll speak to you soon"
"Bye thank you"
And with that he hung up. I've decided to change today's opinions. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!
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