This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


16. Im confused...

I was confused! Was Louis saying we went out? I hated him in one mind but in the other he was the boy I fancied. I wanted to see if he'd talked to anyone about me so I hid my phone under my pillow and pretended that i didnt have it and that it was at his house, Louis gave me his phone and I pretended that I was playing a game by tilting it but secretly I was reading a group chat with all the boys...
"Have you asked her yet louis"
"I'm working on it" Louis replied.
"Why what you doing"
"She hates me! What am I gonna do now"
"Ask her out already"
"OMG, what if she says no"
"Well that's very unlikely"
"What do you mean?"
"We can all tell she fancies you" 
And that was the conversation over, we're they talking about me?! I wanted to go out with Louis so I guess the only way was to ask him myself.

OMG I was so shy! I couldn't ask Katie out, she'd say no probably, if only she didn't wake up! Then we'd know who she fancies! Eventually I said "Katie, I have something to ask you" she looked excited. "What is it?" She asked, I just couldn't ask her! "Erm, what you having for lunch?" I asked and the excited look washed away fast. I had just totally ruined it for myself.

I expected a different question if I'm honest, it's as though he changed it last minute, I might be wrong that he was asking me out but if he was then he obviously didn't have courage! Which means... I HAVE TO! I have to admit I couldn't ask either so I had to think of a different plan. Fast! I told Louis to go and get me a snack from the cafeteria which he did, whilst he was gone I wrote in my diary...
'OMG, I really need to put up courage to go out with Louis, I wish he would just ask me out! I love him SOO much!' 
My plan was going great so far! When Louis got back I ate the biscuit he brought me and told him I needed the toilet, there was one in my room but I told him it stunk just so I could go to the one in the hall, as I climbed out of bed, the plan was to knock my diary as well... 
WOOO MY PLAN WORKED! I told Louis he could wait in my room while I was gone and...

I was just sat in the chair waiting for Katie when I noticed Katie's diary on the floor, I didn't want to read it again but I saw my name in it so I had to read it! I was shocked when I read 'OMG, I really need to put up courage to go out with Louis, I wish he would just ask me out! I love him SOO much!' 
She actually wanted to go out with me! When she got back I smirked.
"What's so funny?" She asked.
"You have a, a, erm"
"A what?"
"ACRUSHONME" I said really fast.
"A what now?"
"You have a crush on me" I said and Katie blushed. "Look, Katie," I say down next to her and stared into her beautiful eyes. 
"Will you go out with me?" I asked, and her answered surprised me...

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