This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


13. Hospital

The hospital was massive they took her through this private door "where are you taking her?" I asked. "Erm we are taking her to a coma ward" the doctors said. "COMA, IM SURE ITS NOT THAT BAD!" I was so angry with myself. They took her into a room and just as I was going to walk in the doctor said.
"I think it would be best for you to stay outside"
"But I-"
"No buts, I'm not being harsh but if you can wait outside or go home for 2 hours you can visit her in visiting ours"
"We promised each other we'd be by each others sides when we need though"
"Cute, is she your girlfriend?"
"No why"
"Your cute together and I can tell you fancie her, ask her out sometime!"
And with that she shut the door in my face, I didn't know wether to wait or go home, eventually I decided to wait. *ring ring, ring ring* my phone was going off, it was my mum, how was I going to tell her I was going to commit suicide and Katie saved me from doing so but she got hurt. I declined the call but she rang me again another 2 times! I answered the last time.
'Oh Louis my boy I'm so glad your okay you have been gone for ages, Katie isn't answering her phone, is everything alright?' My mum said concerned. I stayed silent.
'Louis you can tell me anything'
'Right mum I don't know how to tell you this'
'Oh Louis just tell me it's gonna be fine sweetheart'
'Never call me that again'
'Oh Louis' she laughed 'tell me the news'
'Right, er, okay, so when we got home from the cinemas we all went into the living room to see the boys and Katie was really excited and only focused on the other boys and then what really made me angry was that she told me to leave the room and wash the dishes!
'Who did Louis?'
'Katie and then erm, then after I washed the dishes I went to my room and talking to myself about how angry I was, what I didn't know was that Katie heard me and left the house, then I got a text from her but I wouldn't forgive her and I was so angry I started to walk to-'
'Don't tell me you started walking to the most dangerous mountain on earth'
'Erm, yyyeaaaahhhhh but Katie used that 'find my phone' thing to track where I was and she followed me, by the time I was at the top Katie was at the bottom and she shouted something so I hesitated to jump but knocked like a pile of rocks down and the fell on Katie and now she's in some sort of room in the hospital'
'Oh Louis, what about her dad?'
'He's never at home is he?'
'Well she shouldn't be alone when she comes out, she can stay at ours.'
'Hurray but what should I do?'
'Ill come to the hospital'
'Okay... It's all my fault'
'It's not Louis just never do it again'
'I won't... I promise'
My mum then ended it so I new she was on her way, I walked outside and spotted my mum coming towards me, I ran up towards her and gave her a hug, I knew things would be fine with my mum here. Hours passed and we waited in the waiting room for ages. The doctors came through and told us we could see her. We walked into the room and I couldn't believe what I saw! She was attached to wires and looked a state! Still beautiful though! Her head looked severely damaged, "will she be okay?" I asked a doctor, they told me she had a 50/50 chance but they had to leave it 24 hours before they could tell me exactly. I sat beside her and held her cold hand, I kissed it and told her everything would be alright and that I loved her. We had to leave and get to sleep. When we got home I couldn't sleep at all! All I could think about was Katie and our future we was going to have together. This was all my fault. At 3am I fell to sleep well that's the last time I checked the time and I had a really awful nightmare, Katie died in it and then I starved myself laying next to her and it was awful, never felt like that before! It freaked me out. I woke up at 7am shattered, I ran into my mums room but she wouldn't wake up she kept saying 5 more minutes which turned into 30 minutes! I went downstairs and had some weetabix when the house phone rang, I literally jumped up from the table and sprinted towards the phone, it was the hospital.
"Hello is this Mrs Tomlinson?"
"No it's her son, Louis"
"Ah I know you anyway we have news for you"
"Tell me"
"Erm well I need you to come to the hospital now!"
"Okay" I ended and shouted up to my mum saying I was going and I ran into my car going over the speed limit, hopefully I won't get stopped. When I finally arrived at the hospital I ran to Katie's room and the doctors was whispering and crowding around her, they moved out of the way and a beautiful girl was sat up breathing, I sighed a happy sigh. I was so happy, you'll never guess what she said next...
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