This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


1. Home

Katie's POV:
I awoke to a loud noise coming from my alarm clock, it was 6 am! Urg, school in 2 hours. I was new to London, I had moved from Barnsley, I loved that place. I got out of bed and I was freezing even though I was wearing a onesie!! I lived with my father, in a three-bedroomed house, just big enough for us. My dad was a milk-man and he starts work at 3 am and comes home at night, so I don't see him much. I went downstairs, turned the heating on and had a bowl of coco pops (my favourite cereal). It was 6:20 and I needed to get a shower. So I went upstairs and turned the shower on and went in "arggghhh" I screamed "it's freezing!" The water was really cold, maybe I forgot to turn the hot water on? Anyway I had to get a towel and rap it round me and go back downstairs to turn it on.
That shower took forever it took me ages to get the shampoo out and I had all the palava at the start. Anyway I needed to set off to school, I met my friend Louis who lived opposite my house at 7:00 and we walked to the bus station together. Louis was my best friend since pre-school and he still is now! We walked to the bus stop for 7:30, we caught the daily bus for 45p which was not much, to say the school bus is £1.10!!! So we decided to get the daily bus instead. I put my shoes and coat on, hid my house keys under a plant pot and set off for school, Louis was already waiting for me with a big grin on his face. I walked up to him laughing "what's the big grin for?" He got something from behind his back, "I got a 'A' on my English report!" He screamed. "OMG Louis I'm so happy for you!!" I hugged him happily. "And I have something else to tell you" he whispered. "Erm okay haha" I said looking confused. "I'll tell you later" he said and continued to walk on...
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