This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


17. Falling in love

"Will you go out with me?" I asked, and her answered surprised me...
"Louis, I need to think," she said, I was disappointed but after about 2 seconds she screamed, "YES YES YES YES YES, OF COURSE, I LOVE YOU" I was so happy! I took a picture of us two and put it on twitter and facebook with the caption 'this girl is my life, I love you @katie..." Whatever her twitter name was, within 3 minutes she had gained 12,000 followers and we had to turn her phone off because it was vibrating rapidly, wait a minute, Katie didn't have her phone...
"Wait, I thought you didn't have your phone?"
"Erm... Love you"
"Katie what have I -" I got cut off by tons of paparazzi s coming in, I tried to cover up Katie because she didnt want her picture taken in hospital! "Louis, what's happening? Get them away" she screamed and I ordered them out! For the rest of the day I stayed with Katie, we took photos, played games, laughed, etc. I just wanted to keep her company and since we went out that was even better!;)
-----------------------------next day----------------------------
Yesterday was the best day ever! I now go out with Louis Tomlinson, the Louis to Tomlinson! 
I woke up with Louis asleep on the floor "LOUIS! What are you doing?" I screamed. "Erm, just *yawn* sleeping" he said sounding really tired! "Louis, because you love me so much will you go downstairs and get me the local newspaper?" "Aw okay, just for you" "I love you" "I love you more" "no I love you more" "no I do" and for about the next 10 minutes we had a 'I love you more' fight until the nurse came in and then Louis went to get the newspaper. Me and the nurse had a chat and she told me I had a broken leg which I already knew about! She asked how I was and I felt so happy even though I had to stay in the hospital for aaaggggggeeeeesssss! But as long as Louis visited me I would be fine. "Nurse, could you do me a favour" I asked but before she could reply Louis came running in with a feeling that I couldn't work out, the nurse left and when Louis finally caught his breath he showed me 3 different newspapers with me and Louis on them, I gasped and started to worry "Louis, I don't want to be in the newspaper" "neither do I, but you look beautiful" "Louis, please." Anyway before we had time to argue I had to worry about the disgraceful headings! One being 'Louis leaves band for girl' another being 'girl with Louis for popularity' and the last one being 'loves going in ONE DIRECTION for Louis' Louis took the newspapers and went off to back to his house to tell the boys to ring them up, he promised me he wouldn't take long. While he was gone I was so bored, in fact I was so bored that I ended up falling asleep and by the time I woke up it was time for dinner! I rubbed my eyes and I saw Louis' face close to mine, he moved closer and just as it was going well the nurse walked in and ruined everything! I stared at Louis and he stared back, then at the nurse. I could tell he was mad at her! "I'm sorry, did I interrupt something" she asked. This wasn't the kind nurse this isn't the one who asked how I was this one was EVIL! She was laughing and then she unzipped her uniform and took off a mask to see HARRY STANDING THERE! 
"Harry what are you doing?" I asked.
"HAHAHA, I knew you'd be up to something!" He said and smirked.
"Harry please leave us alone" Louis said.
"Oooo you said 'us' so are you going out?" Harry said.
"Yes we are!" Louis said confidently.
"Why are you ki- oh you are together, erm, awkward, bye" Harry said surprised and then ran off leaving the doors wide open, Louis kindly went and shut them. "So where were we?" Louis asked, I giggled and his lips touched mine! We kissed until I broke off. "Aye?" Louis said, I didn't reply I just gave him a later look. We talked about what we'd have for lunch and then Louis went downstairs to get the food; fish and chips. While he was gone I nipped to the loo and when I got back Louis had set up the most romantic dinner ever, he must of asked the kind nurse to help him because in the corner of the room was a table with flowers and a candle on it, two chairs (one was special for me) and we can't forget the most important thing there LOUIS! 
-----------------------------after the meal-------------------

A/N in the next chapter it will be the day Katie comes out of hospital!:) x

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