This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


12. Distaster...

The film was so sad! I caught Katie crying a few times but I think she only noticed me once, I couldn't help looking at her all the time, it was just, just, she was so beautiful! Everyone kept staring at me during the film probably because I'm famous but that didn't stop me looking at Katie's beautiful eyes. Anyway, my mum picked us up and dropped us home to a house full of lively teenage boys; one direction.
"ARE THEY HERE ARE THEY HERE?" Katie screamed.
"YES BUT DON'T GET TOO EXCITED" I had to shout with Katie heavily breathing! In my head I thought 'why do you only get this excited for the other boys, was I the less important one? Did she only like the other boys'
Katie ran inside and ran into the living room where the boys where looking stupid stuffing there faces with Pringles! I walked in and they all welcomed me and I think Katie was speechless so I spoke for her, "hey bros this is my best friend Katie"
"Nice to meet you Katie well be seeing a lot of you so no fangirling all the time" the boys winked. THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE THING KATIE JUST SAID TO ME NEARLY MADE ME HIT HER! "Why don't you go and wash the dishes Louis" she said. "Erm okay Katie chat to the boys" I said thinking without me. After I washed the pots I went upstairs and on the way to the stairs the living room door was shut and Katie was talking about someone.
"Do you like him then?"
"OMG yeah I love him but I don't think he likes me back"
"Aw I'm sure he does Katie"
"Haha in my dreams"
"Ask him out then!"
"I've never been out with anyone before I don't know what it's like"
"It would be cute"
"You and---"
"Don't say his name it makes me think about him too much"
I WAS FURIOUS THEM TALKING ABOUT OTHER BOYS BEHIND MY BACK! Who does she think she is? I ran into my room nearly in tears, got out a empty book and wrote my feelings in there, I wrote:
I've been used, was there any point me and Katie being friends...

I walked upstairs to the loo and heard Louis talking to himself saying 'talking about other boys behind my back, I thought we were getting closer every minute, then the boys come and she totally ignores me' I heard Louis crying and ran downstairs. What did I do? I'd totally messed things up for what I thought was 'us' I said to the boys I needed to get home and they went into Louis' front garden where they had a tour caravan. I was at my house and I went up to my bedroom and got out my phone. I text Louis saying: Louis I might have messed things up between us but I really don't mean to, I am an idiot and I understand if you don't want to see me anymore, I heard you talking to yourself in your bedroom when I went to the toilet, you should have told me I was being the worst best friend! I love you so much so please forgive me!xxxxx
I clicked send and it took ages to send...

My mum told me everyone had gone without even saying goodbye to me! I felt useless I thought me and Katie had a connection going! *beep beep* my phone blasted out in my bedroom I had a text... From Katie, I read it and started crying! I replied saying:
'Some best friend you are...'
'Louis forgive me I love you so much you have to I wouldn't be here without you'
'Say that to me when I'm dead'
'What do you mean dead'
'Hahaa I decided to go on a walk'
'Louis stop where are you going'
'You don't need to know'
'Fine then'

I turned on find a iPhone on my dads computer it said Louis had put a satnav on his phone to dead-rock mountain, NOOOOO that was only the most dangerous mountain in the world I had to stop him one move and a whole rock fell down... He wasn't doing this was he... I can't get that serious... I ran and got my coat, shoes and put them on and got my dads map and travelled towards the mountain! I was nearly there when I saw a small figure walking to the end of the mountain, NOOOOO I screamed but I wasn't loud enough I saw a turn in saying 'bottom of mountain' I said "yesss" to myself and ran down there before it was too late, I was at the bottom and the mountain was really high! I saw Louis and he got into a jump position 'NOOO LOUIS DON'T PLEASE' Louis looked startled and jumped back in return making a massive pile of rock tumbling down 'AGHHHH' I screamed but before I had time to run the rock was nearly on top of me...

'KATIE CAN YOU HEAR ME' all the rock had fallen on her thanks to me, why did I do that? It shows how much she loved me, I'm such an idiot! I ran back and on the way I found a photo Katie had took of us on the floor I started crying and realised she had gone down a cut to the bottom, the photo must have fallen out of her pocket, I ran down to the bottom to find Katie unconscious well she might have been breathing I didn't know...
I managed to lift the rocks off her and I felt her pulse, nothing at all! "KATIE DON'T DO THIS TO ME PLEASE, WHY OH WHY DID I DO THAT?" I shouted. "HEEEELLLLLPPPPPP, HHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP, HELP, SOMEONE HELP MEE! MY BESTFRIEND IS DEAD ON THE GROUND!" I got out my phone realising no-one was coming and rang 999 eventually an ambulance came and took my girl, I was in the front talking to one of the doctors.
"What's wrong I need to know agh someone help my brain is going wrong"
"You need to calm down Louis"
"I can't my going to be girlfriend is dead"
"For the moment she is but if there isn't a waiting list she might be alright"
"Are you serious hurry up!"
"Louis we are going as fast as we can I need you to take deep breaths and calm down"
We arrived at the hospital and...

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