This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


11. Cinemas:')

I heard a knock at the door "can I come in?" Louis mum asked. "Sure" I said and Louis' mum walked in with a beautiful sparkly dress. "This might sound awful but we are only going to the cinemas" I said shyly. "You are coming back and you are going on a double date with Liam Payne" she said. "Sorry could you repeat the last part I think I'm hearing things" "you are going on a double date with Liam and his girlfriend Danielle" "L-Liam and D-D-Danielle?" "Yes they are on there way now" "OMG OMG OMG OMG LOUIS DID YOU HEAR THAT ONE DIRECTION ARE COMING AHHHHH SOMEONE WAKE ME UP" I screamed. I heard Louis laugh in the background. "Johanna can you get my cinema clothes?" I asked. "Sure" she said and walked out downstairs to get my clothes, she came back with light blue jeans, a 'geek' top, a Hollister jumper and red converse. Most of my clothes Louis' mum gave me which is why I kind of had my own room. "They are lovely clothes thank you so much" I told Johanna. She went to check on Louis while I was getting dressed. I could hear them whispering.
You are very lucky Louis
Because I'm famous?
Because you are close to such a nice and beautiful girl
Oh and i know she's beautiful, OMG AT THAT MOMENT I LOOKED AT MYSELF IN THE mirror and smiled, did Louis just say that or am I dreaming?! But there was more,
Why don't you just ask her out Louis
Mum this is Katie are talking about
She won't say yes
I bet she will
Are you sure?
Well I'll think about it then...
OMG WAS LOUIS GONNA ASK ME OUT? I tied my laces and breathed hard. I heard a rustling outside "Louis is ready Katie he will meet you downstairs when your ready" "okay I'm ready now" I replied. I walked outside and Louis' mum smiled at me. I walked downstairs and waiting in the hall was Louis, "witwoo" Louis whistled at me. "Oh stop it" I said "hahaha arnt you beautiful!" "Your looking good yourself" I winked at him. Louis mum took us into her 7 seater car, I sat next to Louis and he got out his phone and said smile for the camera. He took a photo and put it on Instagram, apparently it was a really good app for photos so Louis told me to get it on my absolutely old iPod. He downloaded it before he loaded the photo to get me some followers he put the caption 'off to the cinemas with the beautiful @k_a_t_i_e' by 10 minutes it already had over 30,000 likes and comments saying 'do you go out' Louis couldn't reply to them because he had loads, I went on mine and I have 10k+ followers, woah Louis look at this. We were just on Instagram taking photos until we got too the cinemas. Louis mum dropped us off "ring me when it's finished and ill pick you up" we walked in and Louis said "2 for the impossible please" we got the tickets and went through to the like bar thing where you get drinks and snacks, me and Louis got a milkshake to share and a packet of maltesers, we was in screen 3, my favourite number. We got seats near the back and we was on a row on our own. As it got further in the movie Louis put his arm around my shoulder. I found that cute and I think I did a little 'yes' because half of the cinema looked at me.
The film was so sad I think I cried 50 times! Louis noticed one of them and wiped my face with his sleeve. During the film I went to the toilet and when I came back like 50 fans was just crowding round Louis. "Hey fans I know you like Louis but he's trying to watch a film so after the film he will do auto-graphs" I said and they all left and went back to there seats. Louis thanked me for saving him ahaha. The film finished and Louis did auto-graphs quick and then we literally ran outside and Louis called his mum and she came within 15 minutes and took us home...
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