This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


18. Chapter 18

A/N Today is the day Katie comes out of hospital, just so you all know.

OMG can't wait for this afternoon when Katie comes out of hospital, I've stayed with her for ages but kept going back home for bits and bobs but I've slept every night. She was glad too, I bet she was happy that she was leaving the hospital today! She would always tell me how much she wanted to go back to my house! Sadly for her, her dad had moved away but left the house for her so we decided that soon we could live there! Her dad came to visit on the  day he left, she was crying and he said he'd visit and told me to look after her, of course I agreed. When we got out of the hospital Katie sighed, "what?" I said, "just the fresh air, I've missed it" she said and I smiled at her, she smiled back. I drove her to our house and when spew went inside all the boys ran and hugged her nearly making her fall. "Woah guys, I'm on cruches" she said but happy to see them, they just laughed and carried her into the living room. 
Every time I tried to flirt the boys would make a 'whit woo' sound! Soon Katie realised and said, "shall we go to mine" I agreed and when we got to her house we put on a nice film while we were cuddled up together. I soon drifted off to sleep and so did Katie but I awkwardly woke up in the night but I couldn't move because Katie was snuggled up next to me, I slowly - and I mean slowly - moved off the sofa and headed to get a drink! The next minute I heard Katie and her crutches coming. "Hi beautiful" I said. "Hi, will you get me a drink of milk, I'm proper thirsty!" She said. I got her a drink and we literally stayed up all night till we decided to prank call Harry...
"Hello" Harry said.
"Why hello sir, who is this?"
"Harry styles"
"Ah, that's the man I wanted to speak to, this is Alan bredford from the twitter app, it seems your last tweet was very disrespectful towards Louis and Katie"
"WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Is this prank call?"
Me and Katie burst out laughing,
"Hi Louis, hi Katie" he said and then ended on us! How rude! 

Me and Louis were in tears laughing when suddenly he got a text, looked at it smiled, and told me he had to go...

Sorry it's a small chapter ill update soon though!xoxox

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