This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


14. Chapter 14(doesn't have a name)

I squinted my eyes, why was there doctors crowding round me? What was I wearing? Where was I? I kind of saw someone walking towards me as I felt dizzy "Louis?" I said guessing it was him. "You remember me?" He asked. "Of course! Where am I?" "Your- your in hospital" "HOSPITAL!" I screamed. I couldn't really hear or see much but I heard the doctors say that I had heard enough and I needed some rest. What the hell was he talking about, I felt fine apart from my leg hurt and I felt dizzy. "Louis wait, where are you going?" I asked. "Don't worry beautiful ill only be a shout away" he replied. He walked out and I was left with doctors, they told me they would check on me every 10 minutes and if it was an emergency to press this and all that bla bla bla. I wanted to see Louis, where did he go? When the doctors left I tried to stand up and one of my legs was bandaged! "Ahh" I screamed. Seconds later a nurse came running in "woah woah woah you can't get out of bed without a nurse or doctor in view" "sorry I didn't know, why is my leg bandaged?" I asked. "Do you not remember that?" She replied. "No well kind of I remember when I was running and then something hit me I think but that's all I remember but I remember my whole life apart from that, please tell me"

I had just came back from the cafeteria to see Katie but a nurse was in there I heard them talking about something...
"Your boyfriend will decide to tell you that, it's up to him wether he speaks the truth"
"Yes the one who was most upset and came to visit you"
"Oh Louis, hahahahaha, NOOO, he's just my friend, well"
"Aw, do you like him?"
"Like? Did you say?"
"Yes, I wanna know the gossip"
"Course I like him he's the best person ever, he'd never do anything to hurt me"
I wanted to bolt in and tell her the truth but I didn't have the guts to say anything! OMG! I would have died without her, she saved me and now she's in hospital. Katie sounded as if she was standing, I moved my head round the corner and she was, she had a bandage on her leg and you could see blood on it.

I heard something outside and I whispered to the nurse and told her, she went outside and saw Louis hiding behind the door. I shouted at Louis and ran to give him a hug before I tripped and landed in his arms. "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE FACE PLANTED HAHAHA" I said. I was so embarrassed. "Thanks to you too" Louis said. "What?" I replied. Louis blushed but didn't reply, I carefully limped back to the bed and fell to sleep...
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