This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


10. Chapter 10(doesn't have a name)

OMG Louis gave me the next number which was Nialls, he answered!! "Hello" he said in his really really really cute Irish accent! "HI NIALL" I thought I was quiet but with Louis covering his ears up I guess it was loud. "Oh hey Katie Louis told me lots about you" he said "haha and you know my name OMG Niall" "aha" Niall laughed, I heard down the phone someone shout 'wanna go to nandos Niall?' I didn't know who is was but straight away Niall said "sorry Katie I would love to chat but I must go to nandos straight away" "oh, okay well it's been such such fun to talk to you! Speak and see you soon" "aw bye" and with that he ended the phone call. Because it was on speaker everyone could hear and Louis was laughing his head off "Louis what's so funny?" I asked. "Niall" he replied. "Yeah what's so funny?" I asked again, "he ended to go to nandos hahahhahah" me and Louis both broke into laughter. "Who's next?" I asked. "It's Zayn" "yes I can't wait. I typed in the number and after for ring rings I was getting worried then when I thought Zayn answered it said "sorry this is the apple answer phone please leave a message after the tone BEEEP" instead of leaving a voice message I ended it and Louis texted him for me. But before he sent it a text came on mine saying "sorry who ever this is I can't answer now because I'm in the stylist/hairdressing room ill call you back later and gtg bye xxxxxx" OMG I didn't care if he couldn't answer but why did I have to use my dads phone?! Now I can't show anyone I got a text from Zayn and I don't want to show everyone my dads phone I mean... Ew.
"Hahahahaha" Louis laughed. We decided we would have a rest on the calls because my dads phone was running out of charge so I ran to my house and went inside it was freezing! I got my dads phone charger after looking for ages and rand back to Louis where we sat in front of the fire and had marshmallows and hot chocolate. The rest of the calls Liam answered but Harry didn't:( but I shouldn't have worried because hopefully tomorrow the boys would be coming anyway. Louis mum came in and said "shall I help you get ready Katie?"
"Ready for what?"
"You and Louis tonight"
"Oh yes please we are going to cinemas then frankie and bennies"
"Aw lets go get ready then"
"Okay bye Louis see you downstairs in half an hour"
"Bye" Louis said and we both went into our bedrooms well I was in the spare but I call it mine.
OMG you will never believe what Louis' mum bought me to wear!
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