This is love

Louis and Katie<3
They're best friends but will they become more than that or will it turn for the worst?...


3. Before lunch

Katie's POV:
So we got to the changing rooms and sat on the benches while miss told us what we would be doing next week and how 'good' we have been this week, then she left us to go get changed and I stood on my own in the corner, I put my pencil skirt on a nod then took my PE polo top off and everyone started whispering and looking at me, I could hear people saying "look at that scratch, ew, who would be friends with a bad back freak" then they would laugh. I got dressed and waited for everyone to leave, I burst out crying, tears pouring out of my face I could hear Louis shouting "come on we will be late again, we have already been marked absent" Louis said. "I don't want to leave" I sobbed. "I'm coming in is anyone else in there?" No just me" I said. He came in and saw me on the bench in tears. "OMG Ash what's wrong" he asked, I didn't want to tell him my past nobody new. "Are you going to any catch-ups tonight?" I asked. "No why?" He also asked. "Great you can come to mine and ill tell you as long as you don't tell anyone" I wiped a tear from my eye so I didn't look like I'd been crying. "I won't, I promise all my carrots life" he said, I laughed "oh Louis you do make me laugh, let's go." We got to form in U53 we weren't late that much, plus out form teacher was nice, not strict like other teachers. She didn't ask why we were late she just gave us a weird look. *bell rings* "see you class tomorrow, bring a 'me capsule' so the new children know stuff about you, you're dismissed" said Mrs Smith. It was break for 15 minutes, me and Louis would sit down in the cafeteria and talk. But all the girls would beg over Louis. "Ugh, English next then we are on early lunch" Louis said. "Great, sit with me" I asked. "Course" he replied. We set off to English, so we wouldn't be late anymore!!! English went well quick, probably because I was with Louis, OMG I'm thinking about Louis too much, he's just so amazing. At lunch he told me the cutest thing ever...
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