Time For A Change (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Brielle Reed is the star student, and proud leader of the mathletes. One Direction goes to her school but she doesn't exactly care for them. They're popular and Brielle is a nerd. But when Harry Styles needs tutoring in math, well, lets just say it's time for a change.


1. Tutor

               I've been called a prude, geek, loser, dull, and nerdy.  But, first let me introduce myself.  I'm Brielle Reed but I'm called Bree, I live with my dad in London and my mom left me in the hospital when I was gone.  I don't know her side of the family and I guess I never will.  I'm class president and an honor student.  My dad calls me Ducky.  I hate it but he doesn't know.  He doesn't lots of things about me though.  Like I have my moms locket and a picture of them at their wedding.   Julia (mother) was beautiful.  Grandma used to tell me I look like her, but I have bright blue braces and glasses.  Now lets get to high school.

              I walk down the hallways with my blackish-blue hair swaying from side to side.  Today's the first day of high school and I'm now a senior.  I can't wait to get to math.  It's fifth period so I need to get through all of the other great classes.

*Later that month* 

As I walk down the staircase to Mrs.Bliar's room (math) I see One Direction and their girlfriends.  Liam's girlfriend Deanna, Niall's girlfriend Victoria, Zayn's girlfriend Ashely, Louis's girlfriend Gianna and the meanest of all Harry and Adrianna.  Adrianna lifts her Versace heel (my secret talent is fashion) and trips me down the stairs.  I land on my back, "Watch out nerd!" Harry laughs.  All of the group laughs and points at me.  I pull myself up, pick up my bag and dust off the filth on my jeans and shirt and run to Mrs.Blairs.  The class ends and as I'm walking out Mrs.Blair calls to me "Oh Brielle, may I have a word with you?" Mrs.Blaire smiles, "Sure what's up?" I say ignoring that I'm called Brielle instead of Bree.  "Well, Harold.  He's failing and I would just love if you'd tutor him. He's the captain of school soccer (Football for America) and if I fail him, he will have to be taken out of soccer." Mrs.Blair pleaded.  "I- Um... How could I say no?" I lied with a smile.  "Great! I'll call his 6th period class to excuse him the rest of the period.  So, you two may get acquainted." in one swift movement she went to her telephone and rang Harry's 6th period class.  He walked in.  "Harold, meet Brielle.  She'll be tutoring you every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2-8.  You two talk and learn about each other. While I go eat lunch. Ta-ta!" Mrs.Blaire said exiting the room.  "Hi.." I whispered awkwardly, "Hey Brielle." Harry said "It's Bree." I corrected him. "Listen I'm sorry about having to tutor you on the weekend for 6 hours." I apologized, "Yea, me too" he complained.  "Well, today's Monday, so you tutor me.  Here's my number." Harry smiled. And gave me his phone inviting me to put mine in.  "But why?"  I barely whispered "You hate me. You're mean to me and laugh at me and call me names.  You hate me." I commented, "Well, I don't hate you.  It's just that well, you're a nerd and I'm popular and hot and sexy....and perfect.  And you are well not me." Harry insulted me.  "Well... thanks. But that was rude." I informed him.  "I gotta go." I ran out.  I didn't know where but I ran and ran and ran out the back entrance then I realized I was going home.  Harry was chasing me.  I ran into my room, but my dad wasn't home.  He ran into my room,  "I'm sorry. That was shallow of me." he said sorry.  Harry Styles said sorry.  To someone he hates.  I guess he isn't as self-centered as I thought.  "Well, you're here wanna start tutoring now?" I asked.  "I would but it isn't two yet. Lets do something more fun. " Harry said leaning in.





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