Time For A Change (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Brielle Reed is the star student, and proud leader of the mathletes. One Direction goes to her school but she doesn't exactly care for them. They're popular and Brielle is a nerd. But when Harry Styles needs tutoring in math, well, lets just say it's time for a change.


11. Sleep Over!

Harry leant in and kissed her.  “The group in the corner! Stop horsing around!” Mr. Molfeto commanded.  “Wow Harry.  That’s low.  Lying and then playing me, again.” I turned around and began texting Mariah, my friend.  I let out a huff, “Mrs. Reed? Is there a problem?” Mr. Molfeto asked.  “I’m not feeling well.  May I go to the nurse?” I asked walking out the classroom.  “Brielle Reed!  Come back here right now!” Mr. Molfeto screamed.  “Bree?” Harry walked into the girls room.  “Get out of here.  This is a girls bathroom.” I sobbed.  “I’ve been here before now.” he commented.  “I’m sorry.  I really am.  Please forgive me.” Harry begged.  “Fine.” I walked out and pushed past him.  “Ms. Reed!  What possessed you to walk out of this class!” Mr. Molfeto gave me two days detention.  “God Harry!  Look at what you did!  Now my perfect report card has a blemish!  You’re ruining my life!” I yelled in the corridor.  “Harry Styles.  Please report to the main office.  Harold Styles to the main office.” the loudspeaker boomed.  “I’ll make it better.  Um...here take this.” Harry dropped money on the floor and ran to the office. “Come on Brook lets get home.” I walked home, not taking the buss because it was so nice out.  “Where’s Harry?  Rumor is you two are dating again.” Brook asked.  “There’s nothing going on between us.  Nothing.” I sternly said.  “Oh.  You do like him though.  Don’t you?” Brook asked.  “Yes, let’s just go home.  I have somewhere to be.” I started into a trot.  “Where are you going?” Brook asked,  “To my friend Ally’s.  Tell dad, that I’ll be out.” I changed direction and paced towards Harry’s.  I knocked on the door impatiently and waited for an answer.  “Hello?” a young brunette, answered.  “Hi.  Is Harry home?” I asked, “Yes...Harry?  You have some girl here!” she called down the hall.  “Bree.” Harry floored.  “Harry, I need to talk to you.” I walked in and went straight to an empty room.  “I love you too.  But, if you Adrianna more than you like me, just tell me.  Okay?” I walked out of the smaller home.  “Brielle!  Wait!” Harry ran towards me.  “I love you too.  Adrianna is one obsessive bitch.  I don’t like her, I only did it to get you to want me more.  Guess it worked, eh?” Harry cheekily smirked.  “Would you like to stay for dinner?” presumably Harry’s mother asked.  “She’d love to.” Harry turned around, “Wouldn’t you?”   “Uh...sure.  Love’d  to.” I smiled.  “Let me...just go home real quick.” I began to speed-walk home.  “Brooke?  I’ll be over in a minuet.” and I began to pace towards Harry’s house.  “My dad said I can’t.  We have to go to Leeds for the week.  And I need to pack, sorry.” I smiled.  It’s not like I was lying, we really were going to Sheffield, not Leeds but I still needed to pack.  “Let me go with you.” Harry stepped forward, he touched my shoulder.  “Yea, I’d love to have you come with us.” I smiled.  Whenever he touched me I like went into a dreamland.  “I’ll get packing, wanna help?” he asked touching my hand.  “Sure.” I entered dreamland once again.  When we got into the room, he pinned me against the wall and kissed up my collarbone.  “Harry.” I moaned.  “Harry.  Stop.  Please.” I gasped.  “You like it don’t you?” he asked hurt.  “Yes.  I love it, but I’m saving myself.” I smiled.  “I’m waiting for Mr.Right.” I whispered.  “What if I’m him?” Harry lightly touched my upper thigh.  “N-no.” I breathed.  “Are you sure?” he breathed, “Mmm...ye-yes.” I moaned.  “Yea as in you want more or yea as in no?” he nibbled on my ear.  “Harry!  Are you almost packed?” Anne walked in.  “Yea mum.” Harry dropped me.  “OW!” I shrieked.  “I’ll call you when I’m packed!” Harry winked.  “So.  You’re Harry’s ‘tutor’ huh?” Gemma asked blocking the door way.  “Um  yea......and his girlfriend.” I smiled awkwardly walking away.  “Sweetie where were you?” Julia asked.   “A friends house.” I smiled.  “That’s what Brooke told me, but I was just making sure.  Pizza is in the oven.  I need to go for a job interview.” Julia walked outside in a suit.  I walked back over to Harry’s house.  “Harry, I know I was invited eat over your house, but...” I sighed.  “I’m scared of Gemma.” I closed my eyes scared of his reaction.  “So...do you wanna eat over my house?” I asked.  “Sure.” he left, his suitcase packed.  “So, I’m sleeping over?” he asked.  “I guess...” I mumbled.  “Great.” he put down his suitcase and stripped bare.  “Um...Harry?” I asked blocking my eyes from his southern region.  “Yes?” he asked.  “Your...um....birthday suit.” I whispered.  “I can put my briefs on.” he looked down.  “Yea.” I walked into the bathroom and began to undress into my pajamas and take a shower, accidentally leaving the door open a crack.  “Like what you see?” I asked, looking at the mirror’s reflection of Harry staring at me in my brassiere and undies.  “Um...I don’t know.” he blushed clearly embarrassed.  I turned on the shower, my PJ’s resting on the sink.  I came out, the room still foggy.  I read the engraving on the mirror,   “FINDERS KEEPERS.  TAKE THE SCAVENGER HUNT TO FIND YOUR CLOTHES AND TOWEL!”  Huh?  I looked around, my clothes, and towel were missing.  “Ugh!” I whined covering, ummm.....my...uh...lady parts and walked around looking for my belongings.  I found the clothes on Harry’s um...manhood.  “Come and get it.” Harry smiled.  “You’re a pig.” I rolled my eyes.  “OINK!” he winked at me.  “HARRY?” Brooklyn asked screaming.  “Brooke!” Harry covered up his...um...manly....areas.  “UGH!  You’re so American.” she complained.  “Most of the boys in America from my school were perverts.  You’re a faux American.” she covered her eyes and got into her bed.  “Done.  I’m dressed.” he wore black briefs.  “I’m sleeping in your bed tonight.” Harry winked at me.  “Fine, but we’re only cuddling.” I got in bed.  Nestling in Harry’s arms and drifting off to sleep on his chest.

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