Time For A Change (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Brielle Reed is the star student, and proud leader of the mathletes. One Direction goes to her school but she doesn't exactly care for them. They're popular and Brielle is a nerd. But when Harry Styles needs tutoring in math, well, lets just say it's time for a change.


8. Harry+Adrianna=Forever


My hair was dyed blonde and straightened and my natural blue orbs glistened in the sunlight.  My nails were pink, just like my lips.  My eyelids were sparkly silver, and my skin was darker than my pail complexion.  I smiled and thanked only Ashely and Gianna.  “Get undressed in my closet, and pick out and ensemble.” Gianna guided me to a pink door in the far region of the boudoir.  I undressed and picked out a pair of cream kakis, and a blue button down shirt I found in the far area of the wardrobe.  I strolled out of the wardrobe and was was welcomed by faces of horror, “Ugh! No, no, no, no, no! Go back in and pick out the one thing you’d never wear and wear it.” Ashely sent me back into the walk in wardrobe,  I chose a pink mini-dress with a cut-out back, that only went to my mid-thigh.  I walked back out into the room, everyone turned their heads.  “Eek! Perfect! Here, borrow my silver stilettos.  The boys will be here any minuet!” Gianna was ecstatic.  “What time is it?” I asked because it was rather dark, “8:30pm.”  Ashely answered.  “Shit!  I need to be home!” I panicked running out the door, twisting my ankle twice.  A black car slowed down as I ran down the block, slowly it rolled down its window.  Harry smiled, “Where do you think you’re going?” “Home!” I hollered, “It’s fine.  I already talked to them!” Harry tricked me.  “Are you sure?” I was suspicious, “Ugh fine. Okay.” I fell for his trap and walked sat next to Zayn.  I must of swatted Zayn’s hand five times as his hand ran up my thigh.  “Louis, can I sit between you and Niall?” I asked, wanting to move my seat.  “Okay!” Louis winked, I squirmed past Zayn and Louis and stopped at Niall.  “Ready?” Harry asked sarcastically, “Yes Harreh” Zayn groaned.  “When are the girls being picked up?” Niall asked doing the fake-yawn and putting his hand over my shoulder, “Now, I guess.” Harry assumed, making a u-turn and pulling into the driveway that was owned by Gianna Minerva’s family.  The girls ran out looking breathtaking.  They sat in their usual formation in the backseat, Ashely, Deanna, Victoria, then Gianna.  I looked on the back of my seat.  A piece of duct tape covered a small area, curious, I pulled it back.  ‘Harry + Adrianna Forever 2-8-2013’ was carved into the chair.  Tears slowly overwhelmed my eyes, 2-8-3013 was today.  Was Harry cheating on me already?  ‘Hey bby, wat da matta?’ Ashely texted me, Niall peered my phone and looked up to me.  Without warning, he hugged me as I discreetly cried on his shoulder.  

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