Time For A Change (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Brielle Reed is the star student, and proud leader of the mathletes. One Direction goes to her school but she doesn't exactly care for them. They're popular and Brielle is a nerd. But when Harry Styles needs tutoring in math, well, lets just say it's time for a change.


4. Getting Settled, A Little Too Settled...


“Uh... Here’s my- our room.  Start putting your clothes in your dresser.  It’s the one on the left.  I’ll start setting up our private bathroom.” I cringed every time saying ‘our’.  “Listen, if you don’t wanna share a room with me I can sleep on the couch, I don’t mind.” Brooklyn says trying to reason with me.  “No... It’s fine.  I don’t mind.  Just still adjusting I guess.  I only found out yesterday about you two moving in.”  I lied about her staying, I know I shouldn’t want my sister sleeping on a slippery leather couch but that is kind of what I want.  “Thanks, I sat on the couch when I walked in and nearly slipped off.” She giggled alongside me, I walked away into my Victorian-Style bathroom and moved my cosmetics, hairspray, straightener, and toothbrush to the corner and let Brooklyn’s toiletries to the other corner farthest from mine.  “Done.” I said exiting the bathroom leading into our room.  “Great! Mum called you downstairs.  You should go down and talk to her.  Make her feel welcome.” Brooklyn directed me putting her clothes in my- erm our dresser.  “Hello?” I said walking down my squeaky stair case, then walking onto the mable spiral staircase, landing on the wooden floor.  “I don’t know if I should tell her...” I overheard Julia in the kitchen, “Babe, please, she’ll learn to cope.” Dad convinced her,  I began eavesdropping.  I leaned against the wall in the hallway that leads to the kitchen.  “She’ll be so excited to find out!” Julia shrieked, “I know.” Dads lips kissed her forehead.  “Ello!” I said walking into the room nonchalantly,  “Hello Ducky.” Dad embraced me with a hug.  “Brielle!” Julia gave me a tight hug, almost suffocating me.  “It’s Bree, call me Bree.” I said pushing up my glasses,  “Yes, I need to tell you some big news” Julia smiled putting her hands together clapping once.  She clearly had plastic surgery at least 3times because she looks like she’s 20.  “Hmm?” I asked, “”Your father and I are getting....” she paused, I began to panic.  What is they get married?  Julia breathed in, “Engaged agian!” she squealed kissing him.  “That’s great!  Congratulations!” I said.  My head began to tingle, everything got blurry and I think I was pale because my ‘mother’ asked if I was alright.  Suddenly my world was black.

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