Time For A Change (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Brielle Reed is the star student, and proud leader of the mathletes. One Direction goes to her school but she doesn't exactly care for them. They're popular and Brielle is a nerd. But when Harry Styles needs tutoring in math, well, lets just say it's time for a change.


2. Come Out The Closet. Mum's back, with a friend...


Harry’s lips collided with mine.  To my surprise I didn’t push him back or pull him back.  My eyes slowly shut and I began to kiss back.  Our lips moved in unison.  Everything was perfect.  Oh my god! He has a girlfriend, Adrianna!  I backed up and fell off my bed.  “Ah!” I screamed landing on my ass.  “What did I do something wrong?” Harry asked concerned but secretly wanting to laugh.  “No.. it was perfect and all.  I like your enthusiasm..I guess. But, you have a girlfriend, Adrianna.” I said problematic, “Oh... yea.... her.  I won’t tell if you don’t tell?” Harry compromised.  “Ugh... You popular boys always pressuring girls that you kiss.” I say under my breath. “So? Agree?” Harry asked.  “Okay....” I agree.  “Great.” Harry offered a hand to me I reached out and he pulled me onto the kingsized bed.  He leaned in with his lips pursed.  “Ouch! That hurt!” Harry reacted to me smacking him across his face.  “Harry you. HAVE. A. GIRLFRIEND. Get it through you head.” I pronounced every syllable, “Well, if we aren’t telling, I don’t see why we can’t..”Harry mumbled.  “So.. wa-” I cut Harry off by putting my face across his face. “Shhh.....Do you here that?” I ask nervously.  “No. What?” Harry questions taking my hand off of his face.  Outside a car door slams, and downstairs the front door opens and slams.  Footsteps are heard walking up my old wooden creaky stairs.  My private stairs that lead to my room.  I jumped up followed by Harry and whispered  “My dad came home early.”, “What do I do?” Harry whispered in panic. “Hide!  Now!” I said without a whisper. “Where?” Harry whispered.  “Under my bed!” I realized he couldn’t and corrected myself, “In my closet quickly!” Harry ran in just when my doorknob turned. “Hey Ducky! You’re home early just like me!” Dad chuckled.  “Yep! Here I am.  Home ALONE. NO ONE here but me and you.” I lied, I’ve always been terrible at it, but it never fazed him.  “Well.. that was just what I was about to ask.  I heard you talking but when I came in I interrupted you in your studies.” my dad commented suspiciously.  “Oh yeah.  Just studying history. Guess I got a little too interested in the rise and fall of Princess Diana.” I laughed.  “Yes. Well bless Princess Diana’s soul. What a wondrous young lady.” My dad talked about her about her childhood, and her early teens leading up to her- “Well I guess I shall not tell you more about her.  Good luck in Social Studies, Ducky.” Daddy closed the door.  I sighed with relief.  I hate lying to Dad.  He’s so innocent.  I figured I’d wait a few more seconds, considering Dad usually Dad comes in again with a comment.  “Oh... And Brielle,” my dad walked in,  which is weird that he called me Brielle, he only calls me by my full name when it’s something serious, like if someone dies.  I interrupt him, “Who died?”, “Brielle! No one died, why would you think that?” Daddy asked, “You only call me Brielle when something goes wrong...” I mumble. “Well, it depends, Julia’s-” I interrupt my dad again asking, “Mum?”.  “Yes...Mum.  She’s back in London. This is a surprise to me also, but you have a sister.  Your twin, Brooklyn.  They’ll be here tomorrow.  Start packing up clothes from one of your dressers and move it to the other.  Brooklyn be sharing your room.” my dad unfolded.  “Oh.” I was at a loss for words.  “Uh.. Please go Father.” I said standing up and locking the door.  “Oh my god! Bree, your mum came back!  Congratulations!” Harry embraced me with a hug, but I just stood there.  “Umm... Harry I think you should go.” I paused, “I need time alone.” I felt distant from the world.  I think I was in shock.  I sat on my bed.  Julia’s back.  She chose my twin sister over me.  I was unwanted.  I have a twin.



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