Step by Step

Kristen is not the saint her parents raised her to be. Dancing and partying, two words that describe her. She has a normal life, except that she is living next to one of the guys from the biggest boy band. Kristen is a rebel looking for some rebellious love, not even knowing it. {Zayn Malik Love Story}


5. Way More Famous.

“I can’t even imagine how people could be so harsh, so, judgmental,” Harry spoke shaking his head at the ground.


“Cheer up mate, they just want to get something out of you. You know, accidentally?” Zayn reassured his friend. He brought his hand up to Harry’s shoulder patting him lightly. “I mean, we all know you’re not. Now c’mon, I want to show you the place I was talking about!” He picked up his pace as Harry followed.


Zayn has wanted to go to this place for quite a while after finding it. It was somewhere for him to get away, especially after the Zerrie break-up. He’d take a smoke getting his mind off of those things. Even though he liked being alone, he wanted to show someone else.


“Are we there yet?” Harry asked letting his head fall back and burying his hands inside his jacket pockets.


Zayn stopped abruptly. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked over to Harry who was obviously confused. “Do you hear that?” he asked. He didn’t know if he had heard correctly or if he was just imagining things.


“Hear what?”


“M-,” Zayn started but shook it off as he heard nothing more, “never mind. It’s right over here.”


A big space appeared in front of them. Harry walked into the middle, “It’s so magical.” His voice was a whisper as the words came out in sarcasm.


“Ha-ha, very funny. It’s just nobody knows about this place. I can be outside without bein’ bothered,” he said walking over to the big fallen branch. “See? No cameras to catch you doin’ anythin’.” Leaning against the tree, he pulled out a small box, and picked a cigarette from inside it. With his other hand, he lit the cigarette with the lighter.


“That’s true,” Harry said standing beside Zayn, “I’m hungry. We should order some pizza.” He looked over at Zayn smiling cheekily with both thumbs up. His face soon dropped as something moved behind the fallen tree.


Zayn followed Harry’s gaze as a girl with blond, orange hair popped out from behind. They both stepped back, both shocked.


“Wow. Um,” Kristen said, too shocked as well to say anything. “You’re Harry Styles and Zayn Malik.”


Kristen had noticed them right when she looked up the first time. She didn’t want to seem like some random stalker, so she stayed behind wishing they’d leave. Even though at the same time, she didn’t want them to leave. Although, it didn’t look as if they were going anywhere, and she was getting hungry also. The thought of pizza made her stomach grumble.


“Did you,” Harry started, not so sure if he should ask, “follow us here?”


Kristen widened her eyes, “no.” They didn’t look convinced, though. “I was, um, practicing my da- I found this place a few weeks ago.”


Zayn brought the cigarette up to his lips and quickly let out a puff. “If you want a picture-“


“-I’m serious. I didn’t follow anybody here. I don’t want a picture,” although a picture would be nice, “I was practicing my dance routine because this is somewhere I could be alone. This isn’t a private place,” or so she thought, “it’s behind my house.” Kristen didn’t mean to be so arrogant. The words just scattered out her mouth. It was an automatic switch when something raised her temper.


There was silence for about three seconds before Kristen decided to pick up her stuff. “I’m sorry for bothering you guys, even though I was here first,” she mumbled the last part quietly to herself. Maybe talking to these guys wasn’t a good idea. She knew she had some had a quick temper. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to even practice here, or maybe to practice at all!


She heard a sigh coming out from Zayn’s lips. The smell of cigar passed through her nose, but she ignored it. “You can stay. We were just leaving.”


Kristen rolled her eyes and was about to say something back, until something popped into her head. Something rather interesting popped into her head. Zayn was a very famous boy, both him and Harry. They were all over TV, newspapers, and magazines. Most importantly, they were most definitely more famous than Ross Lynch.


“I’m sorry. I was rude,” Kristen apologized biting her lip. “I just have this dance competition coming up and I still don’t have a partner. It’s kind of stressful.”


“By stressful, we know what you mean,” Harry said leaning against the tree again.


“We have to deal with so many things all at the same time,” Zayn added also leaning against the tree.


Kristen walked over in front of them, letting her bag fall on the ground. She was now facing them as she stood, “Yeah, yet you love what you do.”




She lifted her head up rapidly gasping, as if getting the idea only now, but truthfully she had thought of it just a few minutes ago, “What if… you could be my partner?” It came out more of a question. It was hard enough asking someone you’d just met to be your dance partner, imagine a celebrity.


Harry let out a chuckle, “Me? No, I don’t think so.”


Kristen looked over at Zayn expectantly. Who was she to think a guy like one of them would want to be some ordinary girl’s partner? She could give it a shot.


“I don’t,” Zayn said shaking his head the other way. Kristen could see him smiling from her angle.


“He doesn’t dance,” Harry said letting out another chuckle. Zayn looked at him with his mouth open, furrowing his eyebrows. “What? You can’t dance for nothing.”


Kristen was almost certain this would be their answer. She had been rude to them. Plus, nobody has time for a sixteen year old girl.


There was silent pause, and Kristen picked her bag up from the floor.


“When is it?”


“What?” Kristen asked surprised.


“When is your performance?” Zayn asked looking at the ground.


“U-uh, February.” She stuttered.


“We have tour,” Zayn said making Kristen sigh, “But, I can work around it.”


Both Harry and Kristen stared at Zayn with raised eyebrows.


In reality, Zayn wanted to prove Harry wrong. He knew he wasn’t the best dancer, but he wasn’t the worst either. With determination, he could prove anyone wrong. Then there was Kristen, who in reality, wanted to beat Wendy in the competition, and Zayn was the perfect person to help.


Nobody wanted to hurt anyone. They didn’t think it would do anything.




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