Step by Step

Kristen is not the saint her parents raised her to be. Dancing and partying, two words that describe her. She has a normal life, except that she is living next to one of the guys from the biggest boy band. Kristen is a rebel looking for some rebellious love, not even knowing it. {Zayn Malik Love Story}


7. Wait.

"That's so," Liam had started, but he paused for a second before continuing, "nice of you?"

"Why the, nice of you? With a question mark?" Zayn asked as he sat on the sofa across from Liam, who was lying down on a bean bag.

Liam was actually going to tel Zayn that the girl was going to use him. How could he know that she really needed a partner, or maybe she wanted to get something good from them. But even if he said anything, he knew Zayn would just shove the situation to the side. That's why Liam rubbed his hair looking at Zayn and said, "I meant like, it's some random person. It's unusual, no?"

Zayn shrugged, "I guess. Whatever, though. Let's just play."

It was exactly what Liam had thought was going to happen. He lifted himself from the bean bag and plopped onto the sofa. Zayn handed him a controller that he gladly accepted.

"Football?" Zayn asked with a smirk.


That's what Zayn and Liam did for the next hour while at the house right next to them, Kristen moved from side to side dancing. Her mind was set to this dance choreography. "Step, step, one, two, three. No, it's up, then down, okay."

It was frustrating when every few seconds, she would make a mistake, or not like something she had thought of before. She shook her head as she forced herself to stop dancing. She knew this would kill her body the next day, just as a P.E. teacher would do to their students. She picked up her phone and walked out of her room.

"Where are you going?" Layla asked following her sister.

"My friend's house," Kristen replied subtly leaving the house. She made her way to the forest again as quick as she could. She couldn't help but be excited. She had been working on the dance moves for quite a while now. It was now coming down to practicing and she couldn't wait.

As she got to the forest, her phone started vibrating in her pocket. She grabbed it tapping the green button on the screen. "Hello?" she said softly.

"Did y'a practice with him yet?" 

"Jess, I'm going to right now," Kristen responded to her eager friend laughing. "Is that all?"

"Yes, well no. Is he with you right now?" Her voice was so loud, someone beside could hear without speakers.

"No, I'm waiting for him," Kristen said breaking off a tiny twig from the tree.

"Cool, well, tell me all about it, okay?" Jessica said, obviously with a cheeky smile on her face.


Kristen hung up  from her phone putting it back in her pocket. She leaned on the tree trunk as she scraped off some nail polish with her nails. She started thinking about how cool she'd be if everybody knew about her and the dance. Her popularity would boost up completely after the contest. She'd be known as "Kristen, the girl who danced with Zayn Malik". For a second, Kristen wondered if Zayn would ever talk to her after this, if he would be her friend, or even more. She scoffed at the thought to herself.

Kristen waited for a few more minutes. It would have been almost fifty minutes waiting if she hadn't gotten a text from her mom saying she need her. And that was it. She went home after noticing nobody was planning on getting there.


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