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Kristen is not the saint her parents raised her to be. Dancing and partying, two words that describe her. She has a normal life, except that she is living next to one of the guys from the biggest boy band. Kristen is a rebel looking for some rebellious love, not even knowing it. {Zayn Malik Love Story}


2. The Move

Kristen stared out the window as the car moved through the rich neighborhood. Her mind wandered as they passed the big mansion houses. She took out her phone from her pocket checking her messages. No texts.  

"We’re here,” Kristen’s mom said over-excitedly as they stopped the car. “Will you look at that?” she smiled looking at the huge mansion.    

Kristen looked at the house next to it. “Great. So we’ll be living next to over protective creeps.” she said rolling her eyes. She opened the door and climbed out with her jean over-the-shoulder bag right over her right shoulder. The guards in front of a big metal gate next to their new house was staring at Kristen as she took a glance at them. You couldn’t see the house behind the huge fence. She wondered, “Is there even a house behind there?”  

“Loosen up a bit Kristen!” her thirteen year old sister, Layla, said interrupting her thoughts.  

Kristen hated when her sister would tell her to calm down. “Can you not make this any worse. I didn’t want to move here in the first place,” she said walking towards the front door. She dragged her feet inside, stepping onto the wooden floor.   

“Woah! This is huge! Mum, where’s my bedroom?” Layla asked sprinting past Kristen heading for the stairs.   

Her mom pointed up the stairs and yelled, “Just pick any room sweety!” She set down her black Guess bag on the table placed against the wall. She looked at Kristen, her shoulder length hair coming out of the ponytail. She placed them behind her ear quickly and said, “Go ahead Kristen, pick your room upstairs, then come back down so you can help with the move.”   

Kristen sighed and walked slowly up the stairs. She wandered through the long hall, walking all the way to the last room at the end of the hallway. She set her bag down on the big queen bed.  

She’s always had a twin bed, just for her. She wasn’t used with all this space. None the less, a huge room. She was going to have a bed that she could twist and turn all night long, without falling off the side, waking up with a thump and a painful arm.  

She walked to the window and looked out. Her room was on the side of the house, but near the way back. She smirked to herself, a bunch of ideas bouncing through her head.  

“Kristen!” her mom’s faint voice yelled from downstairs.  

“Coming!” she yelled as she jogged downstairs and slumped on the couch that the movers had just laid down.   

Her mom bended over the couch taking a glance of what happened. She shook her head sighing. “Get up from there, and go help your father and I,” her mom said with a box in her arms.   

Kristen slouched but got up from the couch anyway, she didn’t like getting her mom mad, well, at her, in particular. “Isn’t that why we hired movers?” she muttered under her breath. Thankfully, her mom didn’t hear it. She went outside near the truck and waited impatiently for her dad to give her a box. “Give me my room’s boxes already father” she said playfully as she tapped her fingers on the metal, making a loud echoic noise.   

Her dad chuckled getting a box from the very back, taking it to Kristen. “Here you go impatient lady!” he joked around with her. Kristen and her dad had a playful relationship. They were always playing around, she loved that, but he did have his strict times. Not that she wasn't close with her mom, and that she didn’t talk about things with her mother, but her special bond with her dad was different. With her mom, she would talk about girl stuff. But she had a limit, she had her secrets. Her parents aren’t that liberal.   

She carried the heavy box up to her room, slowly taking steps up the stairs, so she wouldn't get off balance and tumble down the stairs, breaking anything that was in the box. She jogged down the stairs after placing it in her room. After several trips out the door, up and down the stairs, and other rooms in the house, Kristen finally went back to her own room. She lied down on her bed, finally relaxing.  

“Sweety dear, can you please walk Lassie?” her mom asked coming into her room suddenly.   

Kristen looked at her with a pouty face. “Even though I’m extremely tired, fine.” she groaned as she took the leash from her mom’s hand.   

“Thank you Kristen, I‘ll do your room” her mom said as she nudged Kristen’s arm.  

“Yeah, yeah,” she said waving her hand off the subject. Kristen walked downstairs, actually trotting down the steps. “Lassie!” she yelled as a big black Labrador came running at her. “Hey girl! Do you want to go for a walk?” she said quietly putting on Lassie’s leash. Lassie started wagging her tail, knowing what the word walk meant.   

Kristen walked out of the house and stopped in front of her front yard. She took a deep breath realizing her new life style. Her dad’s new job, a new school, new friends, new neighbors. She looked over at the “over protective” neighbors at the last thought. Her phone vibrated and as she took it out, a squirrel passed by. Lassie ran right after it, making Kristen let go of the leash by accident. She jumped in shock putting her phone back inside her pocket.   

“Lassie!” she yelled running after the big, not to mention fast, dog. She ran past the side of her house, following Lassie. Finally caught up to her, she shook her head. “Lassie, why can’t you be a normal dog and go on a normal walk?” she said out of breath, grabbing the leash that lied on the floor. She stood up putting her hand on her hips letting out a big sigh, “Okay.” She looked up to see the window, which was probably her room’s, by the green curtains that were nicely set. Looking at the window, brought her those thoughts again, making her smirk to nothing. She shook her head again looking past the backyard. “Hmm,” she sang squinting her eyes. It looked to be a forest.   

Kristen started walking towards the trees, passing her fenced backyard. She stopped, deciding on whether to walk in or not. She walked in anyways, until there was no more trees in front of her, just a big space. There were trees surrounding the big space though. Although, in the middle was a very long  fallen tree trunk.   

“Well, Lassie, I like this place.” she whispered to Lassie, as if a dog could understand her. Kristen pat her rubbing her hands up and down her neck area. She walked over to where the tree trunk lied. She sat down on it, putting Lassie’s leash on a small branch that was hanging off the trunk. Looking around, her eyes scanning the tree filled area, she smiled. She smiled at nature, because she liked nature. It was peace filling. This place she found seemed perfect for her to just relax, a place where she could be alone, to do things she loved.  

Kristen looked down at her watch and saw it was already 8:00. “Mum is going to kill me,” she muttered to herself. She stood up before grabbing Lassie’s leash. She walked back from where she had come from, feeling relieved that she didn’t get lost. She knew she wouldn’t but the fact that she was right, did relieve her.   

Kristen jogged up to the front door, stepping inside. She closed it quietly, not wanting to make any noise. She walked into the living room.  

“Kristen? Where were you? You had me worried sick!” her mom  came up running to her.  

“I was just walking Lassie, like you told me to.” she said waving the leash in front of her own face.  

“I thought you were lost. I almost called the police.” her mom said exaggerating.  

“Kristen rolled her eyes at this. “Mum, I’m bloody sixteen. Please.” Kristen scoffed.  

Her dad looked up from his laptop, “Do not talk to your mother that way young lady!”  

Your food is on the table.” her mom said pointing at the table in the big dining room. Kristen nodded going in there and sat down taking her fork and began to eat.  

“Night mum, dad.” Kristen said quietly walking up the stairs. She went into her room grabbing her towel getting out of her clothes.   

Coming back from the bathroom, that was located next to her bedroom, she slid in her  Bobby Jack P.J.s. She smelled the Victoria Secret sweet scent of minty strawberry. As she got into bed, she thought, “Maybe this place isn’t going to be so bad after all.” 



(A/N): First author note haha!! Well, I know this isn't very good but it's only the start of the story so I hope you liked it! :) 

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