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Kristen is not the saint her parents raised her to be. Dancing and partying, two words that describe her. She has a normal life, except that she is living next to one of the guys from the biggest boy band. Kristen is a rebel looking for some rebellious love, not even knowing it. {Zayn Malik Love Story}


8. Need to want it

Kristen sighed as she slid the scissors across the black pieces of paper. Her mom had asked her to help her out with a presentation for work. Kristen's mouth formed a frown slowly as she set another black paper in front of her. Her mom noticed her daughter's behavior and she couldn't help but to ask what was wrong.

"Kris, is there anything bothering you?" her mom asked popping her head to the side after quickly typing something on the apple laptop.

Kristen quickly turned her head to her mother, "What? Oh, no. Just a bit tired." She knew she couldn't just tell anyone, even though this was her mother. She let out another sigh.

"I keep telling you not to go to sleep so late," her mom said scooting out from her chair. "I'm going to go print these essays out. Continue," she picked up the cut pieces of paper holding it in her hand and counting them rapidly, "three more, please."

"Alright." As her mom left the living room, Kristen slouched on the wooden chair, leaning her head back. What was she thinking, she thought to herself. Why would such a guy want to be in such a little thing. It wasn't just a little thing for her though. As much as she could think it was an accident, she couldn't feel the betrayal as if she was stood up. Which she was, wasn't she?

After her mom gathered everything from the table, Kristen excused herself up to her room. There was no use in waiting for something if it wasn't going to happen. It was something that was about commitment and if he wouldn't commit, then why would she waste her time? She jogged down the stairs and out into the breezy outdoor. It had been around seven thirty and she didn't bother to get a jacket. Her feet led her to the front gate of a yard, looking through the gate, she saw the house in the way back. Kristen brought her finger up the small button. 

After three rings, someone answered, "hello?"

It didn't sound like Zayn. It didn't sound like a guy at all. Hesitating a little bit, Kristen said, "um, hi. Is Zayn there?"

"Who's asking?"


From afar, she could hear another voice in the background, "who?", then she would hear the girl again, "she said Kristen, or something like that."

"Hello? Who's this?" It was Zayn, she was almost sure.

"Me," she waved towards the security camera on top of the gate.

"Oh shi-" the line ended.

Kristen sighed deciding whether or not if she was supposed to leave or if he was going to get back on the intercom. A few minutes later, she saw Zayn from a distance only coming closer to the gate. She held the bars of the gate as she waited. 

"Kristen," he huffed.


"I- I'm sorry. I was really busy," Zayn said opening the gate with a controller he had in his hand. 

"I bet," she said looking down at her Nike's, "you could have, um, I don't know. Well, I just want to know one thing. Do you want to be in this or not? Because if you really don't then I'd rather not waste my time?" She didn't know why she was being unsure. He was just a little irresponsible and she needed him to know that.

"No, I want to help you. Forgive me, yeah?"

"Sure, how about you give me your number? Then you can tell me in advance... Like we had planned so."

"Okay," he answered giving a small smile as he took his phone out, "here."

They switched phones and she typed in her number. She put in her name as Kristen *dance* just in case he had another Kristen. Switching phones again, Kristen noticed Zayn's number on her phone. She turned around, looking back, "so... I'll see you tomorrow?"

"See you," Zayn replied. He turned around with a smile shaking his head. With a click of a button, he closed the gate. He didn't know if he was hearing things, but he could have sworn he heard another click, much sounding like a camera flash. Zayn's face turned serious hoping to himself that wasn't paparazzi.

"So, who's the girl?" Liam asked leaning against the wall next to the security camera viewer, before Zayn could answer, "wait, is it that one girl? Krystal?"

"It's Kristen and yes," Zayn said opening his fridge after going into the kitchen and grabbing two Gatorade bottles.

Liam walked into the middle of the kitchen leaning over the island, "are you really going to do this mate?"

Zayn tossed the bottle to Liam, "yeah. I told her I would."

"You forgot, didn't you. You were supposed to go today!" Liam said laughing, but suddenly turning serious, "but seriously Zayn, don't tell her you're going to do this if you're going to bail afterwards. From what you told me, she probably takes it very much serious."

"Don't worry, mate. I got this," Zayn said taking a sip of his Gatorade. 


Word Count: 846
So, what do you guys think?!?? Much love 

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