Step by Step

Kristen is not the saint her parents raised her to be. Dancing and partying, two words that describe her. She has a normal life, except that she is living next to one of the guys from the biggest boy band. Kristen is a rebel looking for some rebellious love, not even knowing it. {Zayn Malik Love Story}


4. Movement


It was warm. The sun was still in the sky heating up the city, not too hot but not cold, either. The sky had shades of purple and orange fading with the clouds. Teenager were surrounding the exit of the high school.   

Kristen walked along the sidewalk accompanied by Ivy, a friend she had made on the first day of school two weeks ago. The two walked, both holding their phone as they stared at it running their finger up and down on the screen. Kristen looked up at the sky, admiring the beautiful scene.   

“It’s beautiful, I know, just like you,” a voice sounded behind Kristen. Another friend Kristen had made on the same day, Joshua, who was also a new student at London High. He had black hair, that was always spiked up with gel, and his personality was friendly and funny. Sometimes he was too friendly, maybe a little flirty.  

“You’re weird. Stop with you’re corny lines, please,” Ivy said making Kristen smile shaking her head. “I mean, c’mon, go hang out with Leslie!” Ivy’s blonde hair that was up in a ponytail swayed to the side as she turned her head to face Joshua.   

“Oh my god! I knew it! There is something going on with you guys, huh?” Kristen laughed, bobbing her index finger up and down at Joshua.   

Joshua laughed sarcastically as he stepped in front of the two girls, now walking backwards, “First of all, she’s the one always talking to me. I can’t help I’m so sexy… right Kristen?”  

“Umm, no,” Kristen chimed in.  

“Ooh, do you need some alcohol for that burn?” Ivy said with a smirk on her face, “and what’s second?”  


“What’s second of all? Because, you said first of all, and so there must be a second of all don’t…”   Ivy’s high-pitched voice faded as Kristen’s eyes wandered to her house that was ahead of the three, leaving Ivy and Joshua with their little argument. Kristen was always the first to be dropped off, because she lived the closest out of the three. It was the same routine everyday since they found out they lived close to each other. Kristen enjoyed it, she was able to hang out with the friends she had made. Her mom would always ask if she wanted a ride, but she always turned the offer down.   

Kristen held both of her backpack’s straps, by habit, as she looked straight ahead not really paying attention to what she was looking at. Then something caught her attention.  

The forest.  

She hadn’t gone in the forest once after that day. She was far too busy with the work they would give her at school, plus the other times she would hang out with her friends. She had forgotten all about the secret place she found with her dog. Her lips puckered slightly to the side as she thought a little more before unlocking her phone and dialing her mom’s number.  


“Yes?” Jane answered.  

“I’ll be a little late today, okay?” Kristen said as she looked towards her two friends now paying attention to her.  


“I’m going to my friend’s house to help her with a project, I gotta go. Bye!” With the click of a button, the line went dead. Ivy and Joshua looked at Kristen with confused looks. “It’s fine, she doesn’t know you, so she won’t call your mom or anything, and if she does, you won’t know about anything. It‘s no big deal anyways.” She gave her friend, Ivy, a wink.  

Ivy blinked, “you’re such a trouble maker. Really. I can’t lie to my parents like that.”  

Before Ivy could continue on saying anything, Kristen waved her friends saying goodbye, and fast walked towards her house. She waited for the two to disappear into the direction of their house. As soon as she couldn’t see them anymore, she walked closer to her house, and silently started walking into the side. The ground was now covered in loose leaves as she walked in between the tall trees.   

The big space now appeared at her feet again. It was just how she remembered it. The big tree trunk in the middle, the leaves scattered on the floor, and barely any light from the sun that was blocked from the tall trees. It all appeared to be a dream to Kristen.   

She shook her head at how silly she was thinking. She felt like she was being one of those hippie people. Kristen walked forward dropping her bag on the floor not really caring if it got dirty and set her phone on the tree trunk sure it wouldn’t fall. She stepped into the middle of the area, after clicking the screen with her finger, and waited. She waited for the sound to fill her ears. And then, it started.  

Kristen first started with ballet steps, twirling in circles as she stepped with both feet on the ground each time. Her eyes closed as she crouched down with one leg stretched. The music she had made for her to dance was a mixture of slow and fast. First, it was slow, then it became faster as she paced up her movements. It was what Kristen had planned for the competition. She was happy with her choreography she had made in the past two weeks, but she didn’t want that. She wanted something else. Kristen wanted to do a dance with a partner to kick Wendy off the market. She wanted to make everybody realize she was going to change the history of dance.  

Kristen thought of asking Joshua to dance with her, but he wouldn’t meet her standards. She’s seen him dancing before, and it wasn‘t pretty. Her thoughts kept going as she got faster in pace each second, the beats of the hip-hop music making her phone shake. She could feel sweat beads falling throughout her whole body. That’s when she heard ruffles of leaves coming from some other place, other than her own feet.   

“Crap,” Kristen muttered.  She ran over to her phone, stopping the music, and ran to the back of the tree trunk. She mentally cursed in her mind before slipping her hand out to grab her backpack.  

She lifted her head up, trying to not get noticed by whatever was there, and when she saw it, her jaw dropped. Her eyes had widened as she lowered back down, leaning her back against the trunk, “Oh my god.”      



Thanks to the people who are still reading it and I hope you're enjoying my story.

Eh, not bad right?
So again I am so sorry for the late update, I had half of it done but I was kind of having writer's block.
Hugs Kisses and love you pebbles.. omg ima stop .. just no.. okay ^.^

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