A One Direction Valentines!!(1SHOT41D)

Destiny Lambert worked at a bakery in Holmes Chapel in summer 09'. Although not just any bakery. The same bakery that Harry Styles worked in. What would happen to the both of them if it all just went away so suddenly? Harry became that international popstar and lived his life in fame. Harry had promised he would come back for Destiny, but instead he was oblivious enough to forget about his cupcake girl back at home. Two years later on Febuary 14, somehow, fate has slapped Harry in the face, and he comes back for her. There are some pasts that were never forgotten. Promises that were left unbroken. And the undying and infinite friendship they both had. The only problem is that Harry had brought a different girl in his arms.. Who knows, that solid friendship might turn into something... More?


1. The Beggining Of His Journey Ad The End Of Mine!


"So... ur just... leaving?"

I asked hanging my apron on a hanger.

"Destiny i wanna do something with my life...I wanna give it a shot."

He said.

"What about white eskimo?"

"It was just a temporary thing...I want to take singing to the next level!"

"Im okay with whatever u want...but what about ur life here?By ur life here i mean Anne Gemma and everyone else?"

I looked into his eyes as we were closing the bakery for the night.

"Destiny ill come back for u...I wouldnt forget my favorite friend...now would i?"

He said pulling me in for a hug to try and cheer me up.The word FRIEND had always been used when people discuss me and Harry...it always killed me too!!

"Okay just do me a favor if u do make it through the X-Factor..."

I said wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Sure anything for u!!"

He said as his smile started to show his dimples.

"Dont change for anything or anyone."

I said looking up into his eyes.

"Never I promise!"

He said sticking out his pinking as i locked mine into his.

"What are yo gonna sing?"

"You know what im gonna audition to isnt she lovely just for u.That way when im onstage singing it u can think about me.And remember im singing it to u!"

He said taking off his apron and setting it next to mine.

I laughed"Well we will see if u get in Harold!"

"Destiny just pray that i will!"

I nodded"Dont get nervous youll do good i promise."

"Ill call u every night Destiny.Then il face time u...then when i get back we---"

"We will do everytiing when u get back Harry i know!"

I laughed as he grinned ad enveloped me in a solid hug.

"Ill be back sometime during Febuary...before u know it."he said ruffleing my hair playfully.

"Yup i know!When r u leaving again?"

I asked him trying not to show what was on the inside of me.

"Tomorrow morning!"

He said giving me a tight squeeze then letting go.

"Then ill finish closing up!"

"Thanks sweet cheeks!"

Harry smiled at the door putting his jaket on.

"Later loser!"I tried to sound okay with a little chuckle.

He smiled and pushed the door open.once i knew i was alone in the bakery i sat down shakily.I couldnt cry...I wasnt gonna cry.This was a time i had to be happy for him.But it was to late i couldnt hold it back i bursted into tears.Well obviously collage was something im gonna have to do solo as in ALONE...Listen Destiny u have to hold urself together stop crying.It was like the other half of me was gone.but he would be back.he said so himself.


That night was one of my worst.I found out he was leaving for good.But the good news is he got in.I watched it on tv with my mum.His audition put a smile on my face just as he sang "isnt she lovely"Simon was fond at him u could see it in the look of his face.I watched every single video diary knowing that he had been put into a boyband named "One Direction!"The boys he was in it with seemed nice and funny although he got along with one of them really well i think his name was Louis Tomlison?I hoped i wasnt getting replaced.

Oops i already was replaced.One Direction won third place behind Rebecca Fergeson and Matt Cardel,which wa pretty outstanding.I watched every single live show surviving through it without a good cry.Although i wasnt used to being alone in the bakery.Even though it hasbeen three years since he left i still have hope that he is coming back.Something even more herat breaking Harry only contacted me once in the first few weeks but then eventually the live shows started happening and he stoped contact with me completely.

I iced the bare cupcake giving it a swirl then moved on to the next furrowing my eyebrows.

"Destiny come her please!"My mom yelled

I finished icing the second cup cake then put the icing down as i walked out of the kitchen.


"Would u mind throwing the trash to the back for me?"

"oh my gosh mom it stinks back there!"

"Dont complain we are getting paid good money here!"she reminded me.

I sighed and took the trah to the back holding it away from me.I am 18 and i still work at a bakery but i am saving up fo collage tuitin i have been saving up since the nineth grade.Now i think i have saved over 8,000 bucks.

i threw the trash into the dumpster holding my breath then ran back to the bakery.Once i got inside i started breathing normally agin.

"Mission Acomplished!!"I rose my hands in the air as my mum was about to say something but the tv in terupted her.


I glared up at the tv and sighed,slouching.

"Dont slouch"my mum told me

"He isnt coming back is he?"

I bit my lip to finally face the truth.

"I dont know hun!"she said looking at me sympatheticly.

"I dont even know why im still waiting its been three years why cant i let it go??"

"You have been best friends with Harry since u were born considering that was only a day apart.Compare it with three year thats something that wont easlily go away!"

"But its obvious thats hes forgotten about me he hasnt talked to me in years!"

I graoned.Mom didnt want to say it either.

"Destiny lets go finish the cupcakes..."

"Mom please answer me!"

"Well Destiny if he has givin up the maybe u should to..."


"Thank u so much everybody we love u!!"I shouted down into the mic as me and the lads bowed.We waved as all of us ran back stage...

"Harry PHONE CALL!!"

Paul said practically shoving the phone into my face.

"Hey Harry!How was the show?"

The sound of Taylors voice braught a smile to my face.

"It was amazing love!Wish u were here!!"I sighed.

We talked for a little while longer till Taylor said"Well gotta run.Ill see u soon."

"Yeah see u soon!"I said before hanging up.

"NANDOS HERE WE COME!!"Niall said doimg a little Irish dance!

"Arent u coming Haz?"Liam asked.

"Yeah ill catch up just wait for me outside!"I nodded.

I took a breath in sniffing a pastry smell.

"what could it be?"

I turned to my left to see a table of blue iced cupcakes.

I gasped at them.Before walking towards them I looked at my surroundings and walked into the dressing room.

I quickly put one in my hand and observed it before taking a bite out of it.

"Mmmm..."I said chewing the sweet substance that was now in my mouth.

It was like there was something on the tip of my Tounge.Not a bad taste.

I just didnt know exactly what it was...

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