Forever & Always, Zayn

"I'll always love you, you have to know that. But, it's just that, well, it's hard when you're loving someone with all your heart, and they don't love you back. You, of all people, should understand this."


9. On Your Mark....

   Kristina's POV

   Cali and I decided on this really good place for lunch, called the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was about a block down from the inner circle, this circle smack dab in the middle of Indy. It had this big monument of these people, and there are tons of steps leading up to it. We placed our bags down near the first steps and looked at each other. I looked at Cali. 

   "Please??" I begged. She rolled her eyes. "Pretty please?" I clasped my hands together and batted my eyelashers.

   "Ugh, ok," she gave in, "buyt only because I love you." We both laughed and I hugged her. 

   "One, two, THREE!!!" we screamed the last number and raced each other up and down, up and down the stairs, laughing. While we were doing this I noticed this guy sitting towards the bottom of the stairs staring at us, smiling and laughing. I stopped running to get a good look at him.

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