Forever & Always, Zayn

"I'll always love you, you have to know that. But, it's just that, well, it's hard when you're loving someone with all your heart, and they don't love you back. You, of all people, should understand this."


3. Cali Comes

   Kristina's POV

   Sixteen minutes later, I heard the car honk of Cali's bright purple Volkswagen convertible bug. I had the green version (I got it on my sixteenth birthday, last October. But that was 9 months ago.), but she insisted on driving. "Gotta go Mom! Cali's here!" I threw over my shoulder as I headed out, grabbing my purse.

   "Ok, have fun!!" she said. I laughed to my self. Of course I would.

   I looped my short (Abercrombie), pink, and glittery party dress over my arm for later. I ran down our short driveway to Cali's running car, which was blaring We Are Young, by Fun.

   "Heyy!!!" exclaimed Cali. "Ready to meet our future husbands, I see?"

   I laughed. "You know it."

   "Oooh," she commented, looking me up and down. "Cute outfit. Quite short short though," she laughed.

   "Ok, mother," I giggled. After we stopped laughing we looked at each other and burst into another laughing fit. I got into the car and closed the door. Cali started out 5 hour drive.


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