~Harry Styles Love Story.

One large tablespoon of Love, few sprinkles of Trust and a glass of Honesty. But there's one thing missing. Him.
Short story, completed. Enjoy!


8. Too late to apologize.

-After the tour.

"Look, it's not what it looks like! She's a good friend, not anyone I've kissed or slept with!" He screams at me, his hands balancing him against the wall. He flicked his head to face mine, as I smacked my hands over my eyes, wiping away the mascara that was already swimming down my cheeks.

"Oh, course. But holding by the waist and having you lips touching hers in that picture isn't classified as flirting, going out or kissing! Do you really think I was born yesterday? You and your stupid games, Styles. Can't believe I trusted you the first time.." I grabbed onto my red bag, aiming at the door.

"Why would you care anyway! It's not like you were my girlfriend in the first place!" His voice rose to a level, as he kicked his feet against the wall, a tear nesting upon his lower eyelid. All the 'I loveyou's, the kisses, the 'cuddles' under the sheets (yanno what I mean ;) winkwink) weren't real?

"I trusted you, Harry. I'll never make that mistake again." I grabbed my red bag, heavy from all my stuff. Pacing towards the door, I flicked my hair back, looking at Harry one last time. So much chemistry, history and sparks. All gone to waste. Harry beamed with terror, as he began to walk faster towards me.

"Look, Mai, I'm sorry! I didn't mean what I said.. I just- Please." He looked at me sheepishly as he realized what he's said. Running out of the house, my hair formed a shadow over my face, as I sprinted towards the park.

"Mai! Wait!" His accent was so perfect, but that couldn't fool me again.

"Too late, Harry. I'm gone without you." I mumbled to myself, a bridge appearing to view.

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