~Harry Styles Love Story.

One large tablespoon of Love, few sprinkles of Trust and a glass of Honesty. But there's one thing missing. Him.
Short story, completed. Enjoy!


3. Silence speaks louder than words.

"So, you've been getting on with Harry?" Eleanor cocks her head, slapping her hand onto her hip, staring down at me as I sat on my bed, looking at her with caution.

"Not really," I start, pressing my top lip tight against my bottom one. "He just gave me a tour around the house." I add, licking coffee from around the corners of my mouth. Eleanor burst out laughing, before flopping belly-flat onto the matress beside me. Kicking her feet in the air, she looked at me as if I was hiding something from her.

"He tried to kiss me-" I continue, staring down at the covers, feeling my cheeks turn rosey.

"Got you!" She yelled, throwing her fists in the air.

"But I said no, I'm not letting some jerk try to get onto me in the space of 10 minutes of meeting each other!" I argue back, getting onto my feet. Flicking my slippers on, I reach for my phone.

"I'm going downstairs." I sigh, crashing the door open. Eleanor's mouth hung open, but I couldn't be bothered to go back up and explain myself to her, she obviously wanted me to go out with her boyfriend's bestfriend, only so we could go on double dates and feed ourselves breakfast in the morning.


Louis sat opposite me, besides Harry. Both of them scoffing down their scrambled eggs, as I licking the milk off of my spoon, scooping another pool of cereal. They sniggered, and I could only read "Ten, ten, ten" from Harry's lips, as he eyed me impatiently.

"What?" I stare at them in anxiety, following their glance.

"What?" Louis echoes, teasing me. Rolling my eyes, I get off of the stool, pacing towards the living room. I could hear discussion in the background, but didn't even bothered to look around.

"Mai, wait!" I could hear Harry's raspy voice running closer towards me, and in the space of minutes, I felt his sweaty hand land flat on my shoulder. Turning around quickly, I huff, noticing alcohol in his darkening eyes.

"I love you." His warm breath crashed against my face, the smell of whisky making me shiver.

"Go to sleep, you're drunk." I slam my hands against his chest, pushing him towards the hallway.

"Go." I repeat, walking off.


Leaning against the wall, my fingers rode down the thin strings of my guitar, as I hummed along to the melody, rethinking what happened today. Remembering the drunk Harry, I felt tears in my eyes.

"Eleanor!" I yelled, balancing the guitar to the side, breaking into reality. Eleanor dashed through the door, stopping in her tracks, staring at me with hints of fear in her eyes.

"Is everything okay?" She pants, walking towards me, closing the door behind her. Wiping the water from my eyes, I pat the pillow beside me, gesturing for her to sit down.

"This morning- Harry was drunk, and well.. he told me he me," I stutter, seeing Eleanor's jaw drop.




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