~Harry Styles Love Story.

One large tablespoon of Love, few sprinkles of Trust and a glass of Honesty. But there's one thing missing. Him.
Short story, completed. Enjoy!


9. I can't do this anymore.

"Eleanor? El, it's me Mai. I've decided - I'm going back to Scotland.. It's all getting me- the stress, everything. Thank you so much for bringing me here, it's been a really amazing year, but I can't do this anymore. Lots of love to you and Lou." I left the answer phone message, climbing into the taxi that I called on earlier while I was escaping to the park. - But, it's just too hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember..

"Heathrow airport please." My voice was shaky, but as I sat back, I felt the sun press onto me. The heat made me think, the skies were shining with pride and the rainbow flew across the sky, shining down onto the wet land.

"That's a few hours away, Miss." The taxi driver broke me from thought, catching my attention.

"I have a booked flight, thank you for the thought, though." I inform him, pressing my head against the back pillow. Sighing deeply, I felt tears trickle down my face, as I grabbed for my red lipstick. Suddenly, my phone rang, Harry's solo in 'Gotta be you' came off, and I felt my heart jump to my throat.

"Miss, your phone.."

"I know, please- just leave me to it." I slammed the divider down, not wanting the driver to interfere with my own personal life and actions.

"Yes?" I ask to the phone, feeling an unsteady breath pound against the speaker.

"Without you, there's no me.." Harry's voice seemed deeper, with a hint of despair.

"Look, Harry. Give me a reason to come back, and I'll be there. Just please-"

"Mai, I love you. When I said you weren't even my girlfriend, you weren't. You were my life. Everything in it. I never felt this way before, but with you I was on top of the world. You still are my life, but now that you're gone-" I could feel a rush of emotion, and using my intuition, I grabbed onto the divider, pulling it up quickly.

"Back, please! We need to go back, back to London!" I yelled at the driver, as he flicked the steering wheel.

"Yes, miss!" He yelled. Returning to the phone, I felt Harry's face rise into the speaker, he was smiling.

"I'm on my way Harry, I love you so much. I've never stopped thinking about you, eurgh- you're just too perfect." I giggle, staring dreamily out of the window, letting him sing to me over the phone.

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